What is Wyng? Wyng, formerly known as Offerpop, is a marketing platform for brands and agencies to build and run campaigns that drive participation and elevate consumer influence.

Why are you changing your name? When Offerpop was founded in 2009, the goal of digital marketing was to woo consumers through promotions, sweepstakes and special offers, and our name represented that goal. Since then, technology has fueled a more interactive, empowered consumer, and we’ve become something equally new: Wyng. Our new name appropriately reflects the true breadth and value of our platform, our future use of predictive data and the overall business objectives we support.

What is your new mission and why? Our mission is to enable brands to elevate consumer influence through continuous, digital campaigns that inspire and engage.

What does the Wyng name represent? Short, simple and easy to pronounce, our name conveys speed, ascension, and momentum. These are all things we stand for as we keep pace with consumers’ evolving digital behaviors. Wyng suggests elevating consumer influence and reaching new heights.

What is new and different about the Wyng platform? We’ve enhanced the overall look and feel of our platform to align with our new brand identity. We are focusing on our core strength and the foundation upon which our brand is built – digital campaigns. We are committed to building out our campaign library, content dashboard and predictive campaign capabilities within the Wyng platform. Together, these capabilities enable marketers to quickly build and run effective campaigns that drive measurable success.

Is my platform access affected? No, your platform access is not affected. You can log into the new Wyng platform with your existing username and password to access your campaigns, content and data. If you have any trouble accessing your properties, please contact support@wyng.com.

What should I expect over the next weeks and months? We will continue to provide our customers with the product updates, service upgrades and unparalleled customer support that have helped build our brand over the past six years. We’re elevating your experience within the platform and the teams that support you on a daily basis.

Do I need to update my bookmarked URLs or my Offerpop contacts? We recommend that you update your bookmarks and contact records, but for now, all former Offerpop URLs and email addresses will automatically re-direct to the updated Wyng URLs and @wyng.com email addresses.

How does this impact my current pricing conversations? This announcement has no impact on pricing or any pricing conversations that you’ve had with your Wyng representative.

Does this impact my current Offerpop agreement? No; your current agreement remains in full force and effect, as the legal entity responsible for all contractual obligations and rights remains the same. Only the name has changed.

Want to learn more? Read our press release.