For Brands

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Thousands of brands have chosen Wyng to achieve their marketing goals, which supports a wide array of business objectives and KPIs, including reach, awareness, engagement, conversion and loyalty.

For all marketers

Wyng is for marketers of all types: digital, brand, e-commerce, social, email, advertising, integrated marketing and more.

Wyng is easy to use: you or your agency can build campaigns – or let us do it for you.

Brand benefits

Agility: Launch campaigns on the spot

Repeatability: Do more of what works; reduce expensive, customized, “throw-away” campaigns

Agency Friendly: Increase speed, efficiency and visibility by equipping your agency with the platform

Robust Data: View standard value metrics and real-time campaign analytics

Enterprise Ready: PII security, scalability and integration with your martech and adtech stacks

Customer Support: Receive on-demand platform support

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