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The fastest-growing brands are built on Trusted Data

They’re your customers. Engage and get to know each one — and their personal needs, wants, and interests. Activate the data they entrust with you to drive new and repeat sales.

Trusted Data fuels 1-to-1 personalization

Wyng Microexperience Platform


Trusted Data

  • Ask for the exact data you want, like needs, intentions, and preferences — in addition to email
  • Offer value in return for data — e.g. a bespoke recommendation, sample, or coupon
  • Trusted Data is permission-based, and has explicit meaning — use it to personalize your marketing

Behavioral &
Transactional Data

  • Track clicks and searches on your website
  • Record data at point-of-sale, like purchase history
  • Try to infer meaning from the data in order to improve your marketing

Trusted Data is easy with Wyng

Create beautiful microexperiences to collect the exact data you want — and activate the data to personalize recommendations, content, and offers.

Capture Email

Collect Email

Convert unknown visitors into known contacts.

Enrich Profile

Enrich Profiles

Progressively enrich your CDP / CRM database.

Capture Intent

Capture Intent

Help visitors find and buy what’s best for them.

Personalize Experiences

Personalize Experiences

Personalize in the moment — and across marketing channels.

Deliver the right experience, at the right moment

Control how, when, and where microexperiences are delivered to each website visitor.



Sliders, takeovers, gates, and more — triggered dynamically.



Sticky bars and buttons that expand, collapse, or link.



Always-on microexperiences anywhere on your website.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Campaign landing pages on your site, or hosted offsite.

Privacy and data security

Wyng helps brands build honest, profitable customer relationships based on trust, and we are committed to strict consumer privacy, data security and regulatory compliance.


Wyng delivers results for enterprises


Trusted Data submissions across brands in 12 mo.

CPG customer

Incremental sales on website in first 30 days.

Travel & Hospitality customer
Increase in email revenue in 12 mo.
Beauty & Cosmetics customer
Higher Instagram ad conversion rates
Fashion & Apparel Customer

Wyng is trusted by the world’s leading brands

Wyng has over 250 customers, including 61 of the 100 Forbes’ “World’s Most Valuable Brands.”

Wyng is trusted by the world’s leading brands
Wyng is trusted by the world’s leading brands

Trusted Data Formula

Learn why the fastest growing brands are built on trusted data.

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Trusted Data Playbook

See how brands collect and activate trusted data at scale.

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Guided Selling

Guide each customer to the right product for their needs.

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