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Build relevance & trust with every customer

Learn your customers’ needs & preferences, by asking at key moments in their journey

Instantly personalize their experiences, based on the zero-party data they share and control

Trusted by over 250 brands


Why marketers love Wyng


Zero-party data

Progressively collect essential data from anonymous & known users on your site – opt-ins, preferences, etc.


Integration & personalization

Use zero-party data to personalize your site, email, SMS, and ads – via Wyng & your existing systems

time to revenue

Time to revenue

Use Wyng self-serve or outsource to our experts, and get results quickly – from conversions to purchases

How Wyng platform works

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Create Microexperiences for your site

Collect zero-party data with a variety of experiences optimized for key moments in customer journeys – quizzes, next best questions, discovery moments, progressive forms & more

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Launch a Unified Preference Center

Build trust by giving customers transparency & control of their data via a unified preference center on your site, where they can make updates and fine-tune their brand experience

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Personalize your site – instantly

Lift engagement, purchases, and AOV by using Wyng to show brand content, UGC, offers, and products that are most relevant to each visitor


Personalize every channel

Personalize email, SMS, ads, and other touchpoints by using our pre-built connectors & API to feed data to your CDP, CRM, and other systems

Unlock direct-to-consumer relationships & revenue


incremental revenue in first 30 days

Travel & Hospitality


lift in transaction rate on DTC ecommerce site



lift in click-through rate on email campaigns

Beauty & Cosmetics


Lift in average order value

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The future of personalization is privacy-first

Consent-based zero-party data and privacy by design principles are at the core of the Wyng platform, and we are committed to strict data privacy, security and regulatory compliance.

Zero-Party Data API

Get data in & out easily and securely, and leverage specialized zero-party data processing to connect the data to all of your teams and tools.

Native zero-party data types, and attribute-level metadata

Code Snippet

Smart merging, cross-session unification, and CCPA & GDPR- compliant pseudonymization
Ultra-fast lookups with conditioning on zero-party data, metadata, and first-party data
ZPD formula

Privacy-first personalization

Use zero-party data to deliver relevant experiences that customers welcome

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ZPD Microexperiences

How-to guide

See how brands collect zero-party data using microexperiences

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Guided Selling

Next best question

Create helpful moments for customers & earn zero-party data

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