Unlock fresh, fun, creative campaign concepts made possible with AI

Create attention-grabbing experiences your customers have never seen before! Drive more engagement and opt-ins.

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Creating Gen AI Experiences is Simple

No code is required!

1. Pick a Theme

2. Set-Up Questions & Answers

3. Test, Optimize, Launch

Create The Next Viral Campaign With Gen AI

Unlock entirely new ways to engage your audience

  • Free-form text entry for inputs allows even more personalized results and creative experiences
  • Branch to different AI prompts within one experience to deliver highly relevant result content
  • Configure Gen AI responses to match your brand’s tone of voice or create multiple brand personas
  • Unlimited result variations encourage repeat engagement

Pre-generate and review AI content to increase visibility and control

  • Before an experience is launched commercially, pre-generate results to review and tune
  • Make edits to pre-generated results in Creative Mode to manage risk
  • Cache approved results to display once an experience is live
  • Use Wyng’s built-in profanity filter to avoid inappropriate AI outputs

Add your products to AI results

Turn any engagement experience into a product discovery moment by adding products from your catalog into the Gen AI results.

AI experimentation - with guardrails for success

  • Test different inputs, prompts, and AI parameters to optimize AI responses – with no code
  • Experiment with different AI models
  • Understand and manage the cost of each AI experience you launch, including ways to limit AI cost

Ready to leverage generative AI to increase customer engagement and opt-ins?

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