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Everything you need to collect and use customer preferences.

Creating Real Value

Helping over 250 global brands grow efficiently with the power of zero-party data.

  • 134% increase in average order value (L’Oreal)
  • 152% higher engagement rate on homepage (LEVO Oil)
  • 45% average email opt-in rate
  • Instantly and accurately personalize without a privacy concern
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How Wyng Works

Build better experiences easily

  • Drag and drop experience design
  • Shared content and component libraries for collaboration
  • Flexible and secure deployment anywhere
  • Earn data with value integration
  • Instantly personalize results
  • Email and SMS ID verification possible
Wyng microexperience studio

Create unified zero-party data profiles

  • Fully customizable data model and segmentation
  • Connect data across sessions in Wyng Profiles – from anonymous visitor to loyal advocate
  • Instantly connect to your entire tech stack, including CRM, CDP, CMS and more

Build trust by giving customers control of data with unified Preference Centers.

  • Give customers a one-stop shop to control brand relationships.
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA and evolving privacy regulations
  • Easily integrate with sign in, commerce, CRM, privacy, loyalty and much more
wyng metrics and insights

Instant insights and personalization

  • Aggregate data easily to understand customer priorities and how they change
  • Instantly personalize for anyone with zero-party data

API-first and developer-friendly

  • Easy SDKs and APIs to simplify customization
  • Open developer portal to innovate faster
  • Identity-aware SDKs for rapid personalization site-wide

Microexperiences & User Generated Content

Prove customer value with user content (UGC)

Wyng can ingest user generated content from social media or direct upload and create branded, shoppable experiences that update constantly via our brand moderation dashboard.

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