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Learn why marketers and eCommerce teams trust Wyng to power digital experiences that engage, understand, and convert.

Creating Real Value

 Wyng helps global brands create well-timed, value-driven, highly interactive experiences that drive business outcomes.

  • Over two million opt-ins driven at Novamex
  • 134% increase in average order value at L’Oréal UK
  • 152% higher engagement rate on homepage at LĒVO Oil

Wyng Platform Overview

Engaging, on-brand experiences

  • Extensive template library with dozens of experience types to chose from
  • Built-in value exchange, so you can reward customers for engaging in experiences and volunteering zero-party data
  • Shared content and component libraries for collaboration
  • Flexible publishing options

Metrics and customer insights

  • Out-of-the-box dashboards to analyze key experience metrics, including visitor sessions, engaged sessions, drop-off rate, and click-throughs.
  • Build a fully customizable data model to collect, segment, and analyze customer preferences and other zero-party data.
  • Import and export data from Wyng to any of your existing technology to create unified customer profiles.

Personalization to optimize experiences

  • Use experience data and preference data to personalize experiences within Wyng to maximize engagement, lead conversion, data capture, and purchases.
  • Target experiences to show an experience or not based on known data.
  • Personalize content to show different questions, form fields, or offers within a singular experience based on known data.

Advanced security and compliance controls

  • Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, SOC 2, HIPAA, and other data control and privacy standards.
  • Support for multiple user roles and permissions facilitate proper governance and access within teams and enterprises.

Enterprise operational model

  • Organize multiple brands, markets, in-house teams and agency partners in a unified environment
  • Share common resources between brands, markets and teams – including content, templates for experiences, GDPR compliant form templates, workflow definitions and integration configurations.
  • Support for multiple user roles and permissions, as well as SSO via SAML.
  • Integration with enterprise systems and resources, including product feeds/catalogs, analytics, identity/login, CMS, e-commerce, DAM, CRM, CDP, ESP and DMP systems.

API-first and developer friendly

  • MACH certified
  • Cloud-native SaaS platform powered by microservices
  • SDKs and APIs to to simplify customizations and full control over experiences and data collection
  • Open developer portal to facilitate faster innovation

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