Why Wyng: Go privacy-first today with a flexible, comprehensive zero-party data platform

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Customers expect personalization

We know that personalization engages prospects, increases sales, and builds loyalty. According to McKinsey, personalized tactics drive 40% more revenue and 76% of customers get frustrated when interactions are not personalized.

Personalization requires accurate, fresh data

To personalize, you need to know what a customer wants.

Today, most companies assume what a customer wants based on first-party behavioral signals during a browsing session.

This data is transformed through analysis and is often augmented by third-party data from data brokers and other sites.

Privacy is changing the data landscape

The demand for privacy and data control is changing the way we collect, analyze, use, and share data at a fundamental level. And rightfully so.

First- and third-party data are not only going away due to privacy, they are also risky to use as basis for assumptions about what customers want.

Zero-party data: Stop guessing what your customers want and just ask

The privacy-personalization paradox is a new problem that requires a new type of data.

Zero-party data (ZPD) is data that is intentionally and proactively shared by customers directly with a brand. Examples include preferences, needs, budgets, physical conditions, values, and more.

This method of data capture solves all the problems of privacy-last data, and creates more engaging experiences with less effort needed.

  • Accuracy: ZPD is given directly to a brand for a specific reason, so it can be used reliably right away.
  • Risk: Consent is part of the collection process, because it is transparent and fully in the customer’s control.
  • Efficiency: ZPD doesn’t need to be analyzed by humans or AI to understand intent or infer preference.

Wyng is the leading zero-party data platform

Design and build at lightning speed

  • Build new engaging experiences in minutes with dozens of pre-made templates and your own custom component library.
  • Deploy code only once and iterate safely forever.
  • Engage our services team to accelerate and augment your team instantly.

Flexibility to manage constant change

  • Multiple experience deployment formats and customizations to match your needs.
  • Wyng expert services can augment your team with development, strategy, and insights.
  • API-first architecture instantly routes data to any system and enables customization.
  • Customizable data model to suit any brand or industry.

Enterprise grade

  • Data unification for many different types of user IDs from any system, including cookies and more, are supported natively in the Wyng platform.
  • Robust SDKs and developer tools for agile development.
  • Over 200 global brands trust Wyng with sensitive customer data
    Intelligent data unification and profile-aware platform to build customer profiles across your digital landscape with a single tool.


  • Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, SOC-2, and HIPAA and other data control and privacy standards.
  • Customer preference centers exceed privacy compliance and build trust by putting customers in charge of their data.

Shifting to zero-party data means being customer-first

ZPD is like trust—it must be earned over time. Earning zero-party data means offering the right value in exchange for data at the right moment in your customer journey. You shouldn’t ask for their email the moment they land on your site, and you shouldn’t expect customers to infer the value they are getting. It should be obvious and delivered as quickly as possible.

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