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Discover why 100s of global brands are now using Wyng to scale their digital experiences. 


Wyng uses AI technology and advanced self-serve capabilities that enable marketers to create beautiful, on-brand product recommendation quizzes – regardless how large their product catalog is. Increase sales, collect more accurate customer data, and drive high quality leads with Wyng quizzes. 

Wyng Enterprise-Grade Quizzes Drive Real Business Impact

Connect Your Product Catalog

When building a product finder quiz, connect your product catalog with Wyng to lessen manual updates and ensure more accurate recommendations for your customers. Product images, descriptions, and prices can pull directly from product detail pages. With an API connection, realtime inventory levels can be used to optimize the quiz experience - for example, recommending a similar item when the primary item is out-of-stock.

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There are no limits to the type or volume of quizzes you can create

Manage Large Catalogs

Avoid manual updates when prices or product info change, & ensure discontinued items are not recommended with real-time inventory tracking.

Scale Across Geos

Create a quiz your customers loves, then quickly and easily translate that experiences for other markets or sites.

Incorporate Your Branding

Wyng quizzes are 100% customizable, meaning your team can create beautiful, fully-branded product finders with ease.

Optimize Quiz Performance

Enhance the performance of your quizzes by using personalization to target specific users and personalize content. For example, target site visitors who have not already taken the quiz with a callout on your website. Or, prompt users who abandoned the quiz to complete it. Once someone takes the quiz you can retarget site visitors with products, content or offers based on their quiz inputs.

 “Product advisors outperform total site KPIs in engagement, average order value, and conversion rate. We’ve increased AOV by 134%.”

Digital Trade Executive @ L'Oréal

Why Choose Wyng?

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Design and build at lightning speed

Marketers can build quizzes in minutes without the help of IT. Select from dozens of customizable templates, already optimized for engagement and conversion.

Flexible service models

Jump into the platform and immediately start creating experiences self-serve. Or, augment and accelerate your team with Wyng services, including strategic, technical, and fulfillment.


Built to scale across brands and markets

Create a quiz your consumers love, then easily translate and publish that experience across other markets and sites. Use shared asset libraries and custom design themes to scale experience production.


Secure and compliant

Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with enterprise data privacy and security standards. Wyng is proud to be GDPR and HIPAA compliant as well as SOC2 Type 2 certified.


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