Zero-Party Data Highlight: Making Laundry Smell Fun with Arm & Hammer

We all know the name Arm & Hammer. Most of us associate it with scents and specifically removing them. They also have a great line of products that remove bad scents and replace them with new, better ones.  One way they have of engaging potential customers and gathering data is the innovative quiz called the Laundry Scent Finder.

The Experience: Laundry Scent Finder

This quiz is an always-on (evergreen) experience they use to engage customers via email, social, and targeted ads.

The Scent Booster Quiz helps customers pick the right laundry scents for their personality according to a series of questions about what kinds of activities and scents you like.Dream destination question

Oh man. What a question. Sitting here on a rainy day in Texas really made me daydream on this question.  I need a white sandy beach!


happy mood question

This is a type of question that I have never seen before. When I am happy, do I think of pomegranates? Oranges?  Mountains!

where do you go on your day off?

This quiz is really making me want to stop working and go outside.

my favorite smell is...

Oh man. I love the woods.

what's your favorite drink question

Annnd now I am thirsty.  Gimme some wine!

Sign up or see your results

I am really growing to love the idea of scented laundry through this experience, but for those who may not be sure about getting email updates on the topic – you can see the results without signing up!  Pretty great for both privacy and building trust.

My result - the woods!

Yes!  I am 100% going to try this combination of scent right away.  I am ordering right now.

What I like

As you might imagine from the clean scent folks, the design is very…clean.

In addition, the value to the customer is clear and pretty substantial:

  1. It’s fun! At least, more fun than browsing scent options.
  2. There is new information me about a product I haven’t heard of or thought of before.
  3. The coupon and personalized recommendation are great incentives to try something new.

Great customer experiences are always win-win; producing value for the customer and the brand simultaneously.

I also like that the recommendation I got is something I never thought of before – combining two scents!  This is another added value of bringing new ideas to the table.

Next Steps

As with most experiences like this, the next steps involve what to do with the data. Primarily, how can it be used to personalize and tailor future interactions? Customer preferences are powerful ways to give people more of what they want – which results in higher engagement, purchasing, and loyalty.

The team that built this quiz has a lot of other interesting experiences for other products you may have never thought of as “fun” before – but you might after you take their quizzes.


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