Online sweepstakes & Promotions

Spark interest, influence purchases, and grow your audience fast.

Spin and Prize

Create beautiful digital promotions in minutes with Wyng's pre-built templates and a simple drag-and-drop studio. Wyng partners with industry leaders to provide promotion and fulfillment administration services. Every experience comes with simple, real-time reporting, insights, and fraud protection capabilities.

Instant Wins and Sweepstakes

Create various games of chance to engage audiences quickly and easily. You can configure duration, entry limits per person, total participation, prize distribution, and more. Customizable fields and validation rules allow you to gate entry such as for proof of purchase or codes. Create additional rewards for actions like referrals. Wyng includes built-in, automated fraud detection and prevention. Simple reporting and integrations allow you to instantly leverage the data.

Outcomes: Engagement, Traffic, Audience Growth
KPIs: Leads, Opt-Ins, Time On Site

Loyalty and promotions

Loyalty & Code-Based Digital Promotions

Use code-based or receipt-based promotions to incentivize and reward behaviors like purchases, downloads, visiting stores, events, or watching some media.

Outcomes: Engagement, Advocacy, Loyalty, More Sales
KPIs: Site Visits, Opt-Ins, Average Order Value

contest promos

Online Contests

Co-create with customers through photo, video, caption, or meme contests. Enable multiple methods of entry across social and direct upload. Built-in and customizable entry policies as well as submission moderation keep content safe and on-brand.

Outcomes: Acquisition, Advocacy, Engagement
KPIs: Site Visits, Time On Site, Form Submissions

Gamified Experiences

Make it fun and interactive for customers with scratch-off, spin-to-win, and custom games that reveal linked, unique, or random rewards to create more entertaining promotions.

Outcomes: Engagement, Loyalty, Acquisition
KPIs: Opt-Ins, Site Visits, Time On Site



Engage your customers by crowdsourcing winners! Drive traffic and time spent on your site by crowdsourcing winners through voting and brackets. Built-in sharing options drive new visits and contacts for your brand.

Outcomes: Engagement, Traffic
KPIs: Site Visits, Time On Site, Form Submissions, Opt-Ins

Fan polls


Interactive voting on favorites is a great way to entertain your customers and create a sense of community. You can add a form to collect opt-ins and encourage social sharing to spread the love.

Outcomes: Engagement, Data Collection
KPIs: Form Submissions, Time On Site, Zero-Party Data

Calendar & Holiday Events

A calendar or countdown is a great way to entertain new customers and keep them returning to your site. You can link unique, randomized prizes or add reusable coupon codes. This can also be a great way to launch a seasonal series of products or collections. Social sharing can extend the reach and forms can collect new customer contacts.

Outcomes: Engagement, Loyalty
KPIs: Site Visits, Opt-Ins, Time On Site

calendar event
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