Progressive Data Capture

Enrich your customer profiles with preference data. One value-driven experience at a time.

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What is progressive data capture?

Progressive data capture, also known as progressive profiling, is the systematic approach of collecting customer data piece-by-piece over time. With progressive data capture, you'll never ask your customer the same question twice!


Traditional methods of data collection (buying customer data, tracking customer behavior) can often lead to irrelevant experiences and eroded trust between a customer and brand. With progressive data capture experiences, customers are in charge of the data they share. Data is voluntarily given and used immediately to deliver value for the customer.

Progressive data capture involves asking users one or two well-timed questions, and is incentivized with transparent value-exchange. Whether the reward be in the form of personalized content, a coupon code, or loyalty points – you can ensure your customers will love participating in each data capture experience.

Data shared directly from your customers is the most accurate, valuable data your brand can earn. Information about your customers’ likes/dislikes, values, needs, and other preferences cannot be learned any other way.

Data collected via Wyng experiences can be used instantly within Wyng to personalize your website. Or, sync the data in real-time to any of your existing technology stack to deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels. 

Recipe page with an option to add Dinner to a consumer's recipe preferences

Contextual Preferences

Commonly used on product details, articles or blog pages, contextual preferences are tiny code snippets that can be embedded in landing pages and emails so customers can easily indicate their likes, needs, and interests. The mechanism allows for collecting of preferences without any disruption to customers' browsing patterns, such as a like or save button.

Conversational Opt-Ins

Want more email opt-ins from anonymous website traffic, without interrupting the customer's browsing experience? Conversational opt-ins allow brands a unique opportunity to engage your customers in a two-way dialogue. Ask one, relevant question about your customer's goals or preferences, and deliver a personalized product recommendation or coupon code in exchange for their email.

Progressive Quizzes

The Wyng platform has dozens of pre-built templates for quizzes, including product advisor, personality, trivia, and more. With progressive quizzes, you can remove or replace questions where the answer is known. Start with simpler questions to build trust, then enrich your customer profiles over time with more in-depth questions about your customers' needs, values, product affinities, and more.

Next Best Questions

Discover customer preferences incrementally, one click at a time. Increase conversion and instantly deliver relevant content by asking simple, one-click questions. Sequence questions across pages and sessions with Wyng's unique ability to unify visitor activity, resulting in highly personalized and trusted customer journeys.

Preference Centers

Empower customers to manage their data securely through a login portal, where they can update their data at anytime. Use preference centers to consolidate and centralize information from multiple sources - communication preferences, wishlists, demographic information, recent purchase history, interests, and more.

Progressive Forms & Surveys

Forms and surveys can be found on almost every website today, but Wyng forms and surveys go beyond the standard form fill; they are focused on providing value and building trust with the participant. Earn data by creating value in the exchange of a personalized product recommendations, loyalty points, or promo codes. Build trust by personalizing experiences immediately after the form completion.

Why Choose Wyng?

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Design and build at lightning speed

Marketers can build data collection experiences in minutes without the help of IT. Select from dozens of customizable templates, already optimized for engagement and conversion.

Flexible service models

Jump into the platform and immediately start creating experiences self-serve. Or, augment and accelerate your team with Wyng services, including strategic, technical, and fulfillment.


Built to scale across brands and markets

Create an experience your consumers love, then easily translate and publish that experience across other markets and sites. Use shared asset libraries and custom design themes to scale experience production.


Secure and compliant

Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with enterprise data privacy and security standards. Wyng is proud to be GDPR and HIPAA compliant as well as SOC2 Type 2 certified.


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