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Wyng microexperience studio

Fast and Flexible

Wyng Experience Studio enables marketers to build digital experiences that engage audiences, collect data, and drive sales. Unify and simplify how you build, publish, and optimize digital experiences across markets, brands, and tech stacks.

Advantages of experience studio

Wyng provides a wide variety of out-of-the-box experiences and a flexible, no-code design studio so any team can design and deploy world-class experiences.

Earn better customer data by delivering instant value at every interaction. Wyng enables instant personalization and integration to product recommendations, relevant content, rewards, coupons, UGC, loyalty points, and more.

Create dynamic experiences at any point in your customer journey in any format via landing pages, iframe, Javascript, and mobile webview. Flexible publishing also means you can verify the Wyng code one time, site-wide and have full control of all experiences after that.

You can build custom component libraries in Wyng, add internal design notes, and access a share brand content library so that you can move fast and experiment without having to go through IT every time you make a change.

No-Code Experience Builder

Microexperiences are the most effective way to engage customers and earn zero-party data. Our unique Microexperience Studio allows anyone to build experiences in moments with drag-and-drop design and full customization capabilities. You can collaborate with a variety of agencies or teams with simple previews and deploy anywhere with our flexible publishing. Anyone can update or edit experiences instantly after JavaScript embed is verified by web teams.

animation of experience design

Flexible Deployment

Wyng allows you to deploy experiences in a variety of ways: from embedded HTML in pop-ups, entire landing pages, sticky bars, mobile webview, Javascript embeds, and more. Collecting preferences can be a multipage quiz or a seamless single click.

Email Verification

Identity Verification

Connect easily to your sign-in system or use built-in email and SMS verification from Wyng. All preferences from anonymous sessions or sessions in other devices is intelligently stitched together in Wyng and becomes instantly available to any connected systems.

Personalize Instantly

When customers give you valuable information, they expect it to be used effectively. Wyng allows you to exceed those expectations in an efficient way by connecting preference data and customer segments to product catalogs, content management, and other systems to deliver relevant recommendations in the moment – and in the future.

instant personalization

Integrate Immediately

API-first means that connecting data is at the center of our platform. Wyng Profile Subscriptions are set up in every experience and can be connected to a constantly increasing set of technologies with a just a few clicks. Our Services team can also build out custom connections for any system.

Secure & Private

Customers increasingly want their data protected – and are making it a part of their purchase decisions. Zero-party data has no privacy concerns, and Wyng is built on the privacy-first principles of consumer transparency, choice, and control.

Value Exchange

Wyng forms are customizable in every way and can be used to drive contest participation, sampling programs, and more. You can link forms to rewards or coupon codes or provide valuable content and expertise in exchange for customer data. Providing value for data makes customers happier and builds trust.

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