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Innovate and improve traditional data collection.

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Capture more customers and better data with innovative opt-in and survey experiences that reward customers and can even progressively build customer profiles over time. Wyng includes a no-code studio to build custom experiences in minutes and profile-aware SDKs to personalize any experience instantly.



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Earn customer interest and data

Forms and opt-ins are all over every web page today. However, many of these experiences do not feel pleasant or rewarding to customers. Wyng experiences are not only easy to build without needing any code, they are also focused on privacy-first principles of transparency, choice, and control of customer data - by the customer. Earn data by creating value, and then earn trust and loyalty by personalizing with customer preferences.

Wyng microexperience studio
Opt In reward

Opt-in Coupons

Create a value exchange to incentivize customers to share email or other preference data to create future personalization. You can easily link rewards from your coupon system, loyalty program, and more to help drive participation and scale easily.

Outcomes: Engagement, Conversion, Audience Growth, Loyalty
KPIs: Opt-in, Conversions, ZPD Profile Completion

next best question levo

Post-purchase questions

Strike while the customer is hot! Asking simple questions right after a purchase is a great time to earn customer preferences and then use them to personalize any future outreach with content, offers, and rewards to keep them engaged and earn loyalty.

Outcomes: Engagement, Adoption, Loyalty
KPIs: Retention, ACV, LTV, ZPD Profile Completion


Learn more about customers while providing education and recommendations based on your expertise. Instantly recommend the right products based on unique preferences. Both new visitors who need your expertise and loyal customers who want to try something new love advisor quizzes.

Outcomes: Audience Growth, Compliance, Data reliablity



Surveys with rewards can be a powerful ways to gather customer data - if done correctly. Wyng makes it easy with proven templates and simple integrations with customer IDs and profiles.

Outcomes: Engagement, Audience growth, Data gathering
KPIs: Leads, CAC, LTV, ZPD Profile Depth

Fan polls


Interactive voting on favorites is a great way to entertain your customers and create a sense of community. You can add a form to collect opt-ins and social sharing to spread the love.

Outcomes: Engagement, Traffic, Social
KPIs: Submissions, Time on Site

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Design and build at lightning speed

Build new experiences in minutes with dozens of pre-made templates and your own custom component library.

Flexibility to manage constant change

Our Professional Services can augment your team with development, strategy, and other services.


Enterprise grade

Data Unification for many different types of user IDs from any system - including cookies and more are supported natively in the Wyng platform.



Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with enterprise data privacy and security standards.

Integrate with your Existing technology

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