Drive leads and opt-ins

Increase the Volume and Quality of Your Leads and Opt-Ins

Launch engaging digital experiences to maximize campaign participation, form fills, and subscribers.


Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs With Engaging Experiences That Convert

Build dozens of interactive experiences to drive leads and opt-ins - no code required

There is no other platform that allows marketers to self-build the variety of experiences available in Wyng. Quizzes, sweepstakes, gamified instant wins, countdown calendars, swipe games, and more, offer marketers limitless possibilities to drive leads and opt-ins.

Incentivize your audience to form fill by offering value in return

Most people are happy to share their email or phone number if they get value in return. Wyng has built-in value exchange mechanisms that make it simple to reward participants with personalized recommendations, single or multi-use coupon codes, samples, loyalty points, and more.

Take advantage of built-in fraud prevention and validation rules to block bad actors and bad leads

Ensure quality engagement in your promotions and other experiences by enablng CAPTCHA, email validation, or setting participation limits.

Use code gating to turn offline engagement into online engagement

Add code validation to an experience to validate single or multi-use codes (ex. UPC codes, in-event codes). Use QR codes to drive in-store or in-event traffic to your Wyng experiences.

Target experiences to maximize engagement

Increase the efficacy of your campaigns by determining when to display or not display an experience based on known data. For example, targeting unknown visitors on your site with a free sample, while targeting known visitors with a discount code for their next purchase.

Personalize content within experiences to increase conversion

Alter or skip questions, hide form fields, and personalize offers within an experience to increase form completions and opt-ins.

Check Out These Wyng Experiences Optimized for Driving Leads

Knorr Lunar New Year Sweepstakes

Host a sweepstakes which requires a photo or video upload for entry. In addition to driving leads, your brand can repurpose UGC collected in other marketing campaigns.

MAC Stranger Things Personality Quiz

Personality quizzes themed around popular tv shows, movies, or holidays are a great way to drive engagement. Encourage participants to opt-in to email at the end, so they can receive their quiz results (and future personalized recommendations) right in their inbox.

Conversational Opt-In

Ask one, relevant question about your customer’s goals or preferences, and deliver a personalized product recommendation or coupon code in exchange for their email.

Dr. Jart+ Scratch to Win

Use a gamified experience to encourage engagement. Leverage single-use coupon codes as a reward that can be tracked back to each participant, regardless of where they make their purchase.

 “Our consumer database has gone from zero to probably a couple million at this point just from Wyng. We’re probably getting 50,000 in an experience and we’re doing 10+ per year”

Shopper Marketing Manager @ Novamex

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