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Wyng provides a complete solution for global enterprises to collect, moderate, and use social content securely and quickly. Deliver clear results with maximum efficiency.



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The most complete UGC platform

Source, moderate, and secure rights to user-generated content quickly and easily with drag and drop tools, simple outreach, configurable filters, direct upload, and content moderation tools. Integrate easily with your data hierarchies for products or content to help organize and automate. Create shoppable experiences via catalog and SKU integration and visual click points.


Automatically ingest content with flexible rules for mentions, and hashtags from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and direct upload. Easily obtain rights to reuse with permission states, workflows, and support for audits. Incentivize contributions and time requests perfectly with coupons and custom event triggers. Inspire high quality content via contests, voting, and influencer participation.

Streamline the use of customer content with a unified content repository that has all the tools needed to create custom workflows for approval, usage, tagging, and more. Includes multi-party approval, bulk operations, and custom rules for automation.

Create powerful conversion tools by combining user content with zero-party data to create unique, relevant, and peer validated shopping experiences for all of your audiences at every stage of their journey. Clickable and shoppable Instagram ads close the loop between influencers and purchases.

Organize across brands, markets, regions and control role-based access and shared asset libraries to help all your teams and agencies work faster.  SSO and SAML user provisioning and removal and central compliance and governance tools make meeting privacy and security standards around the world easy.

Comprehensive, real-time metrics for each asset, influencer, brand, and product that can automatically roll up into campaign or company leave. Every aspect of user interaction is tracked and can be exported instantly via our API. 

Dynamic, Interactive, Relevant UGC

Collect, curate, activate, and personalize visitor experiences using user content with a complete, integrated solution from Wyng. Tag content with appropriate labels. Create shoppable experiences by integrating with product catalogs. Easily moderate and reuse photos, video, and text via social media leveraging your favorite social media or direct uploads. Wyng keeps your brand safe and compliant with easy rights tracking.

Shoppable instagram
personalized lookbook

Shoppable Experiences

Map social and user content to SKUs in your product catalog to create instant peer credibility and relevancy on any page of the shopping journey.

Outcomes: More Sales
KPIs: Average Order Value, Purchase Conversion Rate

product detail UGC

Product Pages

Make product pages more engaging and increase conversion using dynamic peer content controlled via tagging and moderation.

Outcomes: More Sales
KPIs: Average Order Value, Purchase Conversion Rate

Personalized Galleries

Combining preferences with social and user content tags allows you to serve the most relevant peer content through Wyng carousel and look-book experiences. These intelligent, relevant experiences dramatically increases conversion rates and cart size.

Outcomes: More Sales
KPIs: Average Order Value, Purchase Conversion Rate

personalized user content blocks
Using social content in ads

Email & Ad Creative

Instantly gain permission to use social or other content from your customers in ads or on your website for the purpose of driving traffic. Expand your reach by using real customer content and zero-party data to target similar audiences.

Outcomes: Awareness, Enagement
KPIs: Site Visits, Time on Site

Co-Created Before & After

Create interactive campaigns to drive loyalty, expand your content, and show potential customers want success looks like. Before and after campaigns combine advocacy with peer validation for better overall results.

Outcomes: Loyalty, Advocacy, More Sales
KPIs: Retention, Customer Lifetime Value, Average Order Value

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Design and build at lightning speed

Build new experiences in minutes with dozens of pre-made templates and your own custom component library.

Flexibility to manage constant change

Our Professional Services can augment your team with development, strategy, and other services.


Enterprise grade

Data Unification for many different types of user IDs from any system - including cookies and more are supported natively in the Wyng platform.



Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with enterprise data privacy and security standards.

Maximize ROi of your existing TECHNOLOGY

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