Experience Analytics & Customer Insights

Iterate fast with comprehensive, actionable insights on your experiences and customers

Experience Metrics

Wyng Experience Metrics detail how your experiences are performing. Whether your goal is to engage your audience, capture leads, collect data, or drive purchases, Wyng surfaces the KPIs you need to optimize your campaigns to meet business goals.

Visitor Analytics

Understand where your audience is coming from, by diving into visitor session analytics. See visitors by geography, device type, or campaign source.

Engagement Insights

Measure how well your audience is activated with engagement insights. KPIs include engaged sessions, engagement rate, time spent on page, and click volume.

Forms Analysis

Capture more quality leads and opt-ins with robust forms analysis. View completion rate, opt-in rate, submission and opt-in volume, and a full conversion funnel analysis.

Deep-Dive Quiz Metrics

Analyze drop-off rates per question in each quiz to understand where your audience is getting stuck. View response rates of every question and a breakdown of how your audience answered that question to learn about their preferences.

User-Generated Content Analytics

Track views and clicks to understand how your audience engages with social content. Find your top performing content and creators. Monitor how many photos and videos have been collected, approved, rejected, and granted rights.

Click-Through Insights

Understand exactly which of your marketing campaigns are driving the most purchases. Measure click-through rate, click-through volume, and destination ranking of linked pages.

Profile Metrics

Wyng Profile Metrics analyze and display preference data collected during Wyng experiences. View how many customer profiles are enriched with preference data, and what those preferences are. Easily create customer segments you can sync with your other marketing systems. 

Profiles Metrics are tailored for each client, meaning the insights gathered can inform your specific business strategy. Whether it is communication preferences, style choices, budget, skin type, or favorite travel destinations - the data and insights are unique to your brand.

Data that is free to go anywhere

Data from Wyng experiences and profiles can easily and instantly be routed to any CRM, CDP, ESP, or other technology in your marketing stack. Clients can choose from an extensive list of productized integrations, or use our open developer documentation to create any integration your team requires.

privacy and compliance logos

Advanced data security

Wyng takes data privacy and security seriously. Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with GDPR, CCPA, SOC 2, HIPAA, and other data control and privacy standards.


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