Understand your customer preferences - one and all.

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Personalize for one, innovate for many.

Customer preferences are the most valuable data. When earned, they can be used immediately to suggest relevant content or products. When gathered from a large group, they can tell you what your customers want and what you should focus on.

Data that is free to go anywhere

Wyng data can easily and instantly be routed to whatever data systems you prefer for use and analysis; CDP, data warehouse, CRM, DXM, and more.

trend analysis

Investigate trends easily

Wyng includes high level KPIs and the ability to click through and drill into trends to discover what customers want and why. Richer data can be exported to analysis tools in real time for further insight.

Insights that match your brand

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Insights are built from your data model and customer preferences, meaning the insights match your brand and business. Whether it is recipes, style, beauty, travel, or your own unique data, Wyng shows you how your customers want to be served and what solutions they desire for their problems.

fast clock

Design and build at lightning speed

Build new experiences in minutes with dozens of pre-made templates and your own custom component library.

Flexibility to manage constant change

Wyng Services can accelerate your team with development, strategy, and other services.



Data Unification for many different types of user IDs from any system are supported natively in the Wyng platform.



Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with enterprise data privacy and security standards.

Integrate with your Existing technology

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