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Wyng includes an Experience Studio where anyone can build digital interactions to collect and activate zero-party data. Our solution includes dozens of templates and fully custom microexperiences, quizzes, forms, and more to progressively build customer profiles and deliver more relevant, rewarding, and trustworthy digital experiences.


Earn better customer data by delivering instant value at every interaction. Wyng enables instant personalization through API-based links to product recommendations, relevant content, rewards, UGC, and more.

Privacy-first design means that customers will understand the value they receive and what will happen to their data before they participate in any interaction.

Most personalization comes from static designs based on extensive analysis of large sets of customer behavioral data. Using customer preferences, or other zero-party data, makes it unnecessary to perform data analysis as you can directly and instantly act on declared customer preferences.

Wyng enables you to earn preferences and create powerful personalization in as little as one click. Using simple experiences focused on relevant preferences allows you to instantly personalize and progressively build customer profiles from anonymous visitors to advocates.

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Progressive Digital Experiences

Only Wyng enables you to embed simple preference collection experiences across your site. Our Moments agent can trigger experiences using rules and audience segments, and our SDK allows you to embed single-click questions - and then use them intelligently to build customer profiles.

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Customers are more likely to participate, engage, and share data when there is clear value for them in the experience. Coupons and samples are the most obvious way to do this. Wyng makes it easy to create positive digital experiences that stand out and make the value clear.

Quizzes allow you to share your expert recommendations and content with curious customers who need help while also gathering valuable customer insights! Multiple types of quizzes are available including trivia, shopping guides, personality, onboarding, and more. Our powerful builder uses pre-built, customizable templates to improve team efficiency and ensure every quiz launched is beautifully on-brand.


Wyng’s unique profile stitching and identity-aware platform allows you to embed single-click questions across multiple pages to progressively earn customer data with simpler digital experiences that customers are two times more likely to click on.

LEVO Doubled Engagement with Next Best Questions

LEVO Doubled Engagement with Next Best Questions

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Engage users with embedded or standalone experiences. You can create opt-ins that pop up, are embedded, or live on their own pages. You can also protect your digital experiences by limiting participation, whitelisting IDs or emails, and creating unique coupon codes.

Create and easily manage powerful UGC marketing campaigns within Wyng. Brands can find posts on social media, easily acquire permission to use, add custom tags, integrate with product portfolios, and audit for compliance from one place.

It’s often possible to create value for your customers and website visitors without needing to collect any information. Gamified experiences engage people with an interactive experience such as scratch-offs, spin-to-win, calendars, and more.

Make life better for customers by giving them one place to manage their data, communications, and relationship with you. This builds trust by putting them in control.

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Create sweepstakes, countdown calendars, and other promotional experiences in minutes. You can use these to link to random prizes, customer-specific prize codes, and more.

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Design and build at lightning speed

Build new digital experiences in minutes with dozens of pre-made templates and your own custom component library.

Flexibility to manage constant change

Our Professional Services can augment your team with development, strategy, and other services.



Data Unification for many different types of user IDs from any system, including cookies and more, are supported natively in the Wyng platform.



Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with enterprise data privacy and security standards.

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