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The Zero-Party Data Playbook for CPG Marketers

8 plays to implement today to engage audiences, capture opt-ins, collect preference data, and drive sales.

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How well do you know your consumers?

Third-party vs. First-party data for CPG brands

Capturing more opt-ins and understanding your audience are key for CPG marketers. A zero-party data strategy can help you ask the right questions to get the data you really need for rapid growth.

For too long, CPG marketers have relied on market assumptions and purchased data to drive consumer engagement strategies. There is a better way.

This playbook covers:

  • Data. A deep dive into zero-party, what it is, and the incredible opportunity CPG marketers have to own your data strategy and unlock insights pertinent to your consumers and your business. 
  • Customer Engagement. A run through of user-friendly, value-driven, and highly engaging experiences to capture zero-party data at every stage of the customer journey. 
  • Personalization. An overview of how zero-party data can be leveraged across marketing channels to deliver more relevant experiences. 
  • Real Life. 8 successful, real-life examples of experiences run by leading CPG brands that leverage a zero-party data strategy. 

See Plays for Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Practical, real-life examples to inspire your zero-party data strategy.


Goal: I want to grow our email opt-ins

Play: UGC Sweepstakes


Goal: I want to help consumers discover new products

Play: Product Advisor Quiz


Goal: I want to drive more sales

Play: Proof-of-Purchase Sweepstakes


Goal: I want to learn more about my current customers

Solution: Preference Center

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