Experience Highlight: CHANDON Garden Spritz

CHANDON’s Garden Spritz experience is a beautifully designed spin-to-win used to promote their aperitif while turning offline event engagement into online opt-ins.


CHANDON is a renowned sparkling wine brand that epitomizes the art of celebration, known globally for its commitment to crafting exceptional, effervescent experiences. With a rich heritage rooted in the artistry of traditional winemaking, CHANDON combines Old World elegance with New World innovation.


The alcoholic beverage industry is facing unprecedented challenges due to a combination of regulatory constraints, changing consumer behavior, and competition from craft brands. Brand differentiation and consumer loyalty is more important than ever, and Chandon has remained a household name in this competitive industry by ensuring their high-quality marketing efforts match their beverages in exceptionalism, taste, and elegance. 

The Experience: Garden Spritz Spin-To-Win

The Garden Spritz Spin-To-Win experience was part of a series of events CHANDON hosted  throughout the United States to promote their aperitif, CHANDON Garden Spritz. Event attendees who visited Chandon’s pop-up could try out the new drink as well as scan a QR code that led them to a dedicated landing page to participate in the spin-to-win. In exchange for contact information and an email opt-in, participants had a chance to win 1 of 5 different prizes that were either given in person at the venue, redeemable online through a discount code, or delivered to them.  


Experience the sweepstakes yourself here.


In order to access the spin-to-win, event attendees had to first fill out a form. Gating this experience ensures CHANDON has the information they need in order to verify legal drinking age and confirm addresses in case a prize needs to be delivered. Gating this experience also means CHANDON can distribute single-use coupon codes and track any purchases made back to this particular marketing campaign.

Sign up form asking for address details and opt-in for Chandon communication

Once the form is filled out, participants are routed to the spin-to-win wheel, where the prize themes are the aperitif ingredients to further educate consumers on why Garden Spritz is so unique.

Orange spin wheel for Chandon Garden Spritz campaign

The prize is then revealed along with how the ingredient adds depth to the beverage.

Results screen for Chandon Spin-to-Win

Lastly, CHANDON sets participation limits to this experience so event attendees can only spin the wheel once. This helps ensure only quality participation and good spend of CHANDON marketing dollars.

Results screen showing participation limit has been hit for the Chandon spin-to-win experience

More About Spin-To-Wins

Chandon’s Garden Spritz Spin-To-Win is a great example of using a Wyng-built experience to:

  1. Engage audiences
  2. Increase email opt-ins
  3. Drive online conversions from offline traffic
  4. Foster brand affinity

Spin-to-wins are an interactive and gamified way to engage customers, making it a popular experience for brands to run. CHANDON added an extra layer of engagement by following an in-person product launch with a digital promotion, creating a lasting impression customers are sure to remember. 

Here are a few things to consider when launching a spin-to-win experience: 

  • Fraud protection – Bad actors are common amongst experiences linked to rewards, like sweepstakes and spin-to-wins. Protect your marketing dollars by setting field validation rules on form fields, adding participation limits, or enabling CAPTCHA or email verification on forms.
  • Randomized or linked rewards – Both options have their benefits. Randomized rewards offer flexibility and ease in adding a fun interactive experience. Within the Wyng platform, it is easy for marketers to set the probability of each reward. On the other hand, linked rewards require a form and offer visibility into which consumers claim a specific coupon code or prize. 
  • Prize fulfillment services – Decide how you’d like prizes to be distributed, and what legal considerations you must take into account. If this is an area you’d rather not manage, consider partnering with a provider that handles all fulfillment services (like prize management, winner selection and moderation, and legal requirements). 

Ready to Build Your Own Spin-To-Win?

Existing Wyng users should check out the Wyng Spin-To-Win articles in our Help Center. Or, if you are new to Wyng – start your 30 day free trial today! Get started with a spin-to-wins, and then check out our templates for product finder quizzes, countdown calendars, sweepstakes, and more!

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