Experience Highlight: JarriTODOS Artist Grant Contest by Jarritos

This JarriTODOs Artist Grant Contest is a dynamic and engaging UGC Contest that drives enormous site traffic, engagement, and opt-ins. 

About Jarritos

Have you really done Taco Tuesday properly if it wasn’t paired with an ice cold Jarritos soda?

Jarritos, which translates to “little jug” in Spanish, is a popular brand of Mexican soft drinks known for their vibrant assortment of natural fruit-flavored sodas (my favorite is tamarind). Unlike many mass-produced sodas, Jarritos is known for using natural cane sugar as a sweetener rather than high-fructose corn syrup, which contributes to its distinct taste and cultural appeal. 

As a CPG brand, connecting with your consumers can be challenging without direct contact to customers and a congested market. However, Jarritos has kept an ear to the ground and has gained a loyal following through consistently high-quality products, thoughtful brand collaborations, values rooted in community, and digital marketing as colorful as their sodas. 

The Experience: JarriTODOS Artist Grant Contest

The JarriTODOS Artist Grant Contest is a UGC Contest that invites artists and creatives to submit a TikTok or Instagram Reel video displaying their work for a chance to win $10,000 as the grand prize (6 artists are eligible), or $1,000 as a semi-finalist (24 artists are eligible). Contestants are also asked to answer the following question, “How do you express your individuality through your art?”. 

The experience seeks to celebrate and support local artists with prize money they can put towards pursuing their dreams.

Ready to be inspired? Check out the experience here.   

Artists can submit their work by clicking on whichever category applies to them. They are then taken to the submission form (image on left) which requests the necessary information including the link to their work and social media handles. The page also includes the official rules of the contest along with Terms and Conditions.

The homepage of the contest also includes links to who’s judging each category, video submission and judgment period, criteria, and eligibility. There’s also a helpful FAQ to read through so contestants can confidently submit their work!

More About UGC Contests

The JarriTODOS Artist Grant Contest was incredibly unique, engaging and rich in purpose. In just 30 days, over 16,000 people visited the page, and 55% of the visitors engaged with the experience! Jarritos did an excellent job at expanding their social media reach, scaling opt-ins + engagement, and building brand advocacy. This experience is also special because it’s an intimate connection to their audience through art, and simultaneously connects viewers outside of the contest to the brand’s values. 

Requiring UGC for contest entry is a recipe for success as both experiences are highly interactive and exciting. The rise of social media use makes UGC that much more effective at engaging customers on a relational level – making it an excellent marketing tool for engagement, conversion and brand affinity.  

Here are some additional ways to add UGC to your marketing:

  • Increase conversion by creating a seamless peer-validated shoppable experience where consumers can make purchases directly from a social media ad with their favorite influencer.
  • Drive customer loyalty by incentivizing before and after campaigns, establishing social proof and advocacy.
  • Boost site visits by adding approved customer content and ads in targeted emails and newsletters. 

The Wyng platform is built for various types of gamified experiences, like sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests. Contest elements are versatile within the Wyng platform as you can determine methods of entry, rules, and rewards – while we can support cumbersome details like winner selection, fraud detection, and fulfillment. 

Ready To Build A Contest Experience?

Existing Wyng users should check out the Wyng Sweepstakes section in our Help Center. Or, if you are new to Wyng – start your 30 day free trial today! Check out our templates for contests, trivia quizzes, sweepstakes and more.

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