How LEVO Oil Personalizes for Anonymous Traffic

As a new technology and a new way of cooking, LĒVO customers have a lot of questions they need answered before they can make a purchase confidently. In addition, everyone in their very broad target audience has a different preference when it comes to recipes and habits for cooking that greatly affect the products they will be interested in. Serving the right content at the right time is critical to helping people avoid getting confused or discouraged – and therefore get confident in making a purchase. LĒVO needed to personalize experiences for every potential customer based on their preferences – from the second they landed on the site and at every interaction after.

Read the full case study and watch the testimonial here.

What we Built

LĒVO partnered with Wyng to build preference-based personalization using zero-party data for their Shopify-based site. The flexibility of the Wyng software and services helped LĒVO create deeply personalized experiences in record time. After kicking off the project in April, the first set of experiences launched in early June.


The Experiences

LEVO Oil: Personalized Experiences for Anonymous Traffic

  • Next Best Questions: Online visitors encounter two different experiences that collect recipe size and type preferences and then deliver instant value in the form of relevant content and product recommendations.

LEVO Oil: Personalized Experiences for Anonymous Traffic


  • Contextual Preferences: Users can easily add their favorite categories to their personal preferences, such as keto, vegan, desserts, lunch, or dinner. This enables LĒVO to recommend the products that are most likely to interest that particular visitor.

LEVO Oil: Personalized Experiences for Anonymous Traffic

  • Personalized Recommendations: LEVO embedded a shoppable product recommendation for anonymous and known visitors in various pages based on preferences collected during their current and previous sessions.

LEVO Oil: Personalized Experiences for Anonymous Traffic


  • Customer Preference Center: By providing a central location where customers can update their needs and preferences whenever they want, LĒVO builds trust with customers and ensures a relevant brand experience.
  • Integrations: The LĒVO implementation of Wyng includes integrations with several different platforms, including Shopify for eCommerce, CMS, and CRM, Klaviyo for email, and Attentive for SMS. Integrating zero-party data from Wyng with these platforms enables LĒVO to communicate relevant content throughout the customer relationship, keeping customers more engaged and loyal.

Early results show double the website engagement as well as a 29% higher conversion rate for visitors. In the future, LĒVO plans to implement more preference-based personalization by leveraging user-generated content, product quizzes, surveys, gamified experiences, and more.


What I like

These experiences are so easy to complete, and the reward is so obvious.  Customers are highly incentivized to take a split second to indicate their preferences in order to receive a more streamlined browsing session.

My second-favorite part about this is that there are no requirements to share any personal information to receive these benefits. No email address, SMS, or anything else needed to obtain the value offered.

The thought that went into these specific preferences helps LEVO customize for dozens of different audiences with only two to three clicks.  Are you a vegan into DIY home health care solutions or a professional chef who needs to make desserts? Either of these audiences now get completely different recommendations and experiences – now and forever – in only two clicks.

Finally, the customer preference portal is a new way to give customers control and incentive to add even more data. Having a bidirectional way to control the personalization I receives means that I get transparency around how the data is used and I maintain the choice of data sharing at every level. Integrating this with commerce platforms for purchase history, communication platforms to manage my messages and email load, and loyalty programs to view my points makes the experience more streamlined for customers and

What Next

We are still working with LEVO on expanding further ways to create personalization in all sorts of places based on user preferences.

  • Build a community that leverages relevant UGC to create social validation and foster trust.
  • Create a guided shopping quiz.
  • Leverage more content and recipe recommendations throughout the customer journeys.
  • Extend their loyalty program by using points and rewards to incentivize preference sharing and more closely integrate the two programs.

LĒVO is like most companies that are thinking of new and different ways to make online experiences more rewarding, relevant and trustworthy. Fulfilling this vision is not a single, short effort. It is an iterative, progressive journey where you learn how to collect and use one or two preferences at a time and then move on to the next.


LĒVO faces a common challenge of online retailers today. The current marketing strategy of targeting audiences online via third-party data and directing them to specific products and services via landing pages has become simultaneously less effective and more expensive in an increasingly privacy-first world. At the same time, over 90% of most website traffic leaves quickly and never comes back.  It’s time to make browsing experiences better for everyone by personalizing pages instantly.  Brands need to quickly engage any anonymous visitors with relevant products and helpful content using only zero- and first-party data.

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