How Wyng Services Wins Customers With Strategic Support

One of Wyng’s selling points is that we’re a self-service platform. Marketing teams can build their own campaigns, collect their own data, and draw their own conclusions. 


But that’s not always enough. For marketing campaigns that go the extra mile, there’s Wyng Services: a specialist team that gives Wyng users strategic and technical support.


Here’s the story of how Wyng Services upgraded Just For Men’s digital customer experience with their unique expertise — before and after launch.

The client: Just For Men by Combe

You might not have heard of Combe, but you’d definitely recognize the brands they own. The company specializes in products for “very personal personal care problems”. Their stable of names, sold in 64 different countries, includes the hair color brand Just For Men


Personal care represents a unique challenge for marketers. Product messaging has to be relatable without being intrusive, helpful without being officious, and add a touch of style to personal concerns which can feel very unsexy. 


Just For Men has been walking that line since the 1980s, when it showed men that they didn’t have to live with a hair color they didn’t love. Its marketing strategy is built on a deep understanding of customers, plus products that get fast results. 

With their latest campaigns, Combe wanted to offer even more personalized experiences for their target audience, while putting customers in charge of their own data. They recruited Wyng Services as a strategic partner in building and running those experiences.

The challenge: making personal care personalized

Combe had two interconnected goals: they wanted to learn more about their customers, in order to deliver more personalized experiences, but they also wanted to protect customer data and grow trust with their audience.


Zero-party data was the only way to achieve both goals at once. They needed customers to actively choose to share their information. After discussing the challenge with Combe, Wyng Services suggested the idea of a customer preference center.


A customer preference center is a secure, central hub on a brand’s website where customers can manage their data. It empowers consumers to choose exactly what they want to share, how the data will be used, and when they’ll stop sharing. Ideally, it includes a secure login process to protect information, as well as the opportunity to share personal details, product choices, and communication preferences.


Crucially, each individual gets to set their own boundaries, since research has shown that comfort levels with data-sharing can vary significantly. Almost everyone wants a more personalized shopping experience, but not everyone wants to tell brands they like to dye their hair or have sensitive skin.


Combe knew that an effective preference center would help them nurture trust, engagement, and loyalty with customers. They just weren’t sure how to do it.

How Wyng Services took customer data to the next level

Instead of building the preference center on their own, Combe used Wyng Services’ strategic and technical help to work faster and smarter. 


It started with the strategy. The first step was to define the data model: what information did Combe plan to collect? Marketers often believe that more data is automatically better, but Wyng Services’ expertise showed that asking for a few key categories of information would be more effective.


Next, Wyng Services and Combe worked together to optimize the experience for users. The preference center had to be comprehensive but easy to use. They came up with design details such as a toggle between “hair” and “facial hair” product preferences, to reduce scrolling time, and added custom branding so that the preference center felt like a premium part of the Just For Men website.


The personalized experience kicked in right away. Every time a customer used the preference center, they were greeted by name in the banner at the top of the page. However, they still had total control over their data: users could clear their profiles by checking a single box.

Wyng Services suggested using existing experiences and data sources to enrich the preference center even more — optimizing customers’ experience and reducing the Combe team’s workload at the same time. For example, online shoppers who participated in the Just for Men product finder quiz would find their answers included in the preference center, so they didn’t have to enter information twice.


Other technical details made sure that the experience was smooth-running and secure. Wyng Services helped Combe to manage the project, creating an enjoyable digital experience with a responsive design that works on any device. The preference center used a secure login page that was compliant with multiple safety regulations, so that customers could share information about their personal care with complete confidence. 


Wyng Services also set up custom integrations for Combe to gather, sort, and act on customer data through the rest of their tech stack. Sharing documentation in the Wyng Developer Portal meant that the Combe team could get to grips with Wyng quickly and set up their own data architecture when they were ready. 


Throughout the whole process, Just For Men had a dedicated Project Manager on the Wyng Services team. Tasks were swiftly prioritized, aligned with Combe’s goals, and completed in record time.

What's next for Combe and Wyng Services?

Post-launch of the preference center, the Wyng Strategy team has stayed close with the Just for Men team, offering even more feedback and support.


Since initial launch, Combe has set up Wyng Profile Metrics so that they can learn even more about their customers’ needs and preferences. Wyng gives them more customer insights than ever before, potentially helping to plan marketing campaigns, develop new products, and create customer segments for even more personalized experiences. 


The success of the Just For Men preference center was built with the help of over 20 years of expertise from Wyng Services. But it’s not just about understanding user experiences better than anyone else.


The Wyng Services team works flexibly with every brand on our books — whether it’s collecting zero-party data for Just For Men, creating product-finder quizzes to drive sales for Estée Lauder, or building user-generated content experiences to garner more engagement for Tapestry’s iconic brands. We tailor our strategic support for each brand we work with.


Contact Wyng to find out more about how Wyng Services can help launch your next digital experience to engage audiences, collect data, or drive sales.

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