Updates for Creator UX: Publish and Preview

At Wyng, we realize that the world of digital experiences and marketing changes really fast. That’s why our biggest engineering priorities are ease of use and flexibility.  Today, you are probably familiar with some of the main capabilities we have to support this:


  • No-code/low-code design studio with drag and drop components to create new experiences in minutes
  • Dozens of reusable templates for different experience types
  • The ability to embed experiences as iFrame, Landing Pages, and javascript
  • Create and save custom components to your own component library for faster reuse
  • Easily preview and measure impact with one-click access to preview and analytics

Wyng experience Preview


Recently, we have been working on ways to make it easier to publish and preview your experiences to make it easier to see what experiences will look like before publishing, and to ensure you deliver the best possible customer experience.

Streamlined publishing workflow

Enable new publishing workflow dialogue

We redesigned the publishing experience to make it easier to use. All publishing options and settings, like format, schedule, and page meta data are in one place, with tabs to step you through the options. Now the flow is broken out to make the decisions around format, scheduling, integrations and status more obvious. We’ve made a number of incremental improvements to the new publish flow, including adding a confirmation step and improved design to the “Stop Experience” flow, and making it easier to notice and click on the “Customize this link” option for landing pages. 


You can preview and try out the changes, by enabling the option in the Settings tab, in the left panel of Experience Studio.


More flexible preview and mobile view QR code

New preview insert

Getting the ideal customer experience for every visitor to your website is critical to competing in a digital-first world. Making it easier to preview for desktop, mobile, and tablet users instantly from the sidebar menu saves time and makes it possible to iterate quickly with high confidence in the final result.

The new QR code in the preview makes it simple to double check on your mobile device to double check for different OS and mobile platforms in an instant.


UX for creators is our top priority

A world of fast-paced change and high quality demands means that marketers and ecommerce teams need flexible and adaptable tools. We are committed to making Wyng your favorite partner for creating best-in-class, progressive, privacy-first experiences to collect zero-party data and instantly power the best personalization. Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions about these new capabilities.

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