Conversational Opt-In: Convert More Anonymous Traffic

Wyng Conversational Opt-In replaces the old, intrusive way of collecting emails from anonymous website visitors with a better user experience that improves opt-in rates and first-time purchases.

For too long, brands have relied on an outdated method for collecting consumer emails: an intrusive pop-up that appears as soon as the consumer visits a brand’s website. Email capture pop-ups distract and annoy website visitors at the very moment brands should be leaning into more effective customer experience tactics.

It’s time to rethink the process of converting anonymous visitors into known contacts, and replace interruptive email capture pop-ups with a new solution that delivers a far better user experience. Wyng Conversational Opt-In does more than simply request the consumer’s email. It offers brands a unique opportunity to engage the consumer in a two-way dialogue, by asking a single, relevant question about the consumer’s goals or preferences and then delivering a personalized product recommendation based on the consumer’s response.

Conversational Opt-In Example


Wyng Conversational Opt-In delivers an individualized recommendation right when the consumer is most ready to learn more about your products. The result: a super customer experience that drives higher email opt-in rates and higher conversion rates for first-time buyers.

How Conversational Opt-In Works

One of the most impactful customer experiences is the moment a consumer visits your website for the first time. Conversational Opt-Ins maximize this moment by dynamically inserting a simple experience within your site that asks the consumer a relevant question connected to your product or service. The goal is to request a specific data point, along with the consumer’s email or mobile number and opt-in consent, in order to deliver them a highly relevant, shoppable product recommendation right at that moment.

To be most effective, the question should seek to help the consumer find what they are searching for or offer a unique product recommendation based on their response to the question. For example, a beauty brand may ask about the person’s skincare goals. A hotel may ask about travel plans. A fashion brand may ask what the customer is shopping for that day, or their style preferences.

By asking a single product-related question, and delivering a recommendation based on the consumer’s response, you begin to build trust with the consumer, letting them know you are genuinely curious about their specific needs or preferences. And depending on your business, you may also choose to provide a coupon along with the recommendation.

Benefits of Conversational Opt-In

Conversational Opt-Ins enable you to collect consumer emails while also delivering a shoppable product recommendation that meets your customer’s personal needs, preferences, or goals. It improves the customer experience, and drives higher email opt-in rates and higher conversion rates for first-time customers.

More generally, Conversational Opt-ins are also a great starting point for zero-party data and Privacy-First Personalization. Using the zero-party data you collect from Conversational Opt-Ins, you can personalize experiences on future website visits to boost conversion rates and lifetime value — and you can show more relevant content in other channels, like email and advertising, to boost click-through rates and return on ad spend.

Conversation Opt-In KPIs:

  • Opt-In Rate (Email or Mobile Phone)
  • Zero-Party Data Profile Depth
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Purchase Conversion Rate

Conversational Opt-In Deployment Options

Conversational Opt-In experiences are available to brands using the new Wyng Platform.

Like all Wyng experiences, you can quickly and easily deploy Conversational Opt-In experiences to your current website using our lightweight one-line JS tag. Our technology works seamlessly with your existing CMS or e-commerce platform — whether it’s Adobe, Salesforce, Shopify or any other.

Conversational Opt-Ins support multiple in-page and over-page experience formats with configurable rules and triggers, including:

  • Sticky Bars & Buttons
  • Pop-Ups & Lightboxes
  • In-Line Sections & Modules

The zero-party data you collect using Conversational Opt-Ins progressively enriches your brand’s zero-party data customer profiles in Wyng, and automatically feeds into your existing CDP and other Martech systems.

The first experience that consumers have with many brands involves an interruptive email opt-in popup. Using Conversational Opt-In you can go beyond just asking for an email by delivering a helpful experience that makes a consumer feel welcome from the start.

Want to learn how you can leverage Conversational Opt-In and all of the other zero-party data capabilities in the new Wyng Platform? Contact your account manager or schedule a demo.

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