Make Your Brand’s SMS More Relevant: Wyng + Attentive Integration

Yesterday Wyng announced our new integration with Attentive, a leader in brand messaging and SMS. It is a no-code integration that allows brands to instantly route zero-party data to Attentive to create more effective segments based on customers’ interest, needs, values, and other preferences.

Through the partnership, Attentive and Wyng customers can now easily leverage zero-party data collected via Wyng digital experiences to deliver more relevant SMS campaigns. Wyng powers many different types of digital experiences, including product advisors, personality quizzes, post-purchase surveys, sweepstakes, and more – all created in the no-code Wyng Experience Studio. “Giving brands an easy way to build more personal and engaging messages with a seamless integration between our platforms is a win for customers who want less noise and more value in their inboxes,” said Greg Bauman, Director of Partnerships at Attentive.

By integrating Wyng with Attentive, brands will combine the power of zero-party data with engaging messaging to:

  • Grow revenue: 71% of customers expect personalized interactions and personalized tactics drive 40% more revenue for brands (McKinsey). When more engaging SMS messages are driven by the best personalization from zero-party data, it creates the most powerful and highly engaging customer journeys possible.
  • Instantly personalize: The API-first, real-time architectures of Wyng and Attentive combined with the intuitive nature of zero-party data means you can create personalized customer journeys right away that reflect what customers want.
  • Build trust: Privacy-first communication principles and zero-party data give customers transparency and choice over their data and SMS comes with clear opt-out capabilities, so customers know what to expect and have full control over their experiences.

Getting customer experiences right means you have to know what customers want, for as many of them as possible. The best way to know this is to ask them nicely while offering valuable help in exchange. People want solutions right away in the most convenient channel, and that is why Attentive has been growing so quickly as a leading provider of brand SMS communication.

Integrating with Attentive is yet another milestone in our effort to make it easier for brands to shift to a more privacy-first marketing strategy backed by zero-party data. We have been working hard to make sure our Wyng Platform is API-first and developer-friendly, which allows brands to  instantly connect Wyng data to various platforms like Attentive, Braze, Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, and more. Our new SDKs and developer docs also make it easy to configure the integration to automatically enrich customer engagements, and generate insights about customer segments and behavior on a personal and global scale.

To learn more about the Wyng and Attentive integration, contact us today.

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