Wyng Joins the MACH Alliance, Providing Enterprises and Systems Integrators with an Agile Activation Platform for Consumer Marketing

Wyng is excited to announce we have joined the MACH Alliance, a group of independent tech companies dedicated to advocating for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems. Inclusion in the alliance certifies that Wyng meets strict MACH (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-Native SaaS, and Headless) certification standards.


“We are thrilled to formally welcome Wyng as one of the newest certified members of the MACH Alliance,” said Casper Rasmussen, President of the MACH Alliance. “Wyng’s commitment to empowering developers and marketers aligns with our mission to champion composable, open, and future-proof enterprise architecture. Together, we look forward to driving innovation and elevating digital experiences across industries.”

What MACH is and why it matters

MACH is a set of principles behind future-proof, best-of-breed software. MACH technology is agile, nimble, always up-to-date – and can be added, replaced, or stacked together to help modern enterprises evolve their digital ecosystem and deliver a better customer experience. 


Businesses who choose to transition from monolithic platforms to MACH solutions usually do so for a variety of benefits, like interoperability, speed, and scalability. The customization and agility offered by Wyng and other MACH solutions are particularly important today, as unprecedented digital adoption, along with increasing consumer expectations, puts the pressure on businesses to deliver innovative, well-timed, user-friendly, and relevant digital experiences that stand out amongst their competition.


For brands and retailers looking to future-proof their technology by bringing on new technology partners and vendors, MACH certification adds an extra level of protection. It confirms Wyng understands, and is ready to deliver, on the promises of a MACH-compliant tech stack. 

What Wyng brings to the MACH Alliance

The Wyng platform enables developers and marketers to create beautiful, interactive digital experiences that engage their audiences, capture leads and opt-ins, collect zero-party data, and drive sales. Experiences include quizzes, surveys, preference centers, sweepstakes, promotions, gamified instant wins, coupons, UGC, and more. These experiences can be easily deployed across a brand’s marketing channels – website, mobile app, ads, email, SMS – and experiences can personalize in real-time to deliver a better customer experience and drive business results.


Developers and product managers of enterprise brands and systems integrators can simplify customizations and have full control over experiences and data collection with our SDKs and APIs. All documentation is readily available for our SDKs (Experiences SDK, Moments SDK, Profiles SDK) and APIs (Profiles API, Content API) in the Wyng Developer Portal


In today’s competitive digital landscape – where customer acquisition costs continue to rise and consumers demand more personalized experiences alongside data autonomy – it is more important than ever for brands and retailers to grow and understand their owned audience, and engage them with relevant digital experiences. Wyng unifies and simplifies this effort for enterprise businesses while still putting the customer experience at the forefront.


Wyng is a unique player in the MACH Alliance, as our platform offers functionality across experience management, commerce, and marketing execution. We provide our clients with all the essential tools required to create, publish, and optimize digital experiences across markets, brands, and tech stacks. 


From our inception, Wyng has designed and developed our product to be a multi-tenant, cloud-native SaaS platform comprising an application suite powered by microservices. We saw this architecture as essential to maintaining innovation, agility, reliability, and security at scale.

Wyng helps global enterprises simplify and unify experience management

Fortune 500 CPG

One of our clients, a global FMCG business, uses Wyng in over 45 countries to engage audiences and drive sales through shoppable UGC and product advisor quizzes. Each country’s site is built on a different content management system, but a single experience can be built in the Wyng platform and deployed across all sites, dynamically altering content, text, and products in real-time to localize experiences for different regions.

Leading Personal Care Brand

For another example, a systems integrator used Wyng to build a unified preference center for a leading personal care brand. The preference center combined personal preferences (aka. zero-party data) and communication preferences in one branded interface behind a secure account login. Data in the preference center is connected with their customer data platform and email service provider to provide preference-based personalization across channels.

Iconic Fashion House

In our last example, a global fashion and apparel house for iconic brands uses Wyng to leverage social proof to boost purchase conversion rates. Each brand uses the Wyng Content API to display shoppable UGC galleries, carousels, and lookbooks on their homepage and product detail pages. UGC ingested from Instagram or directly-uploaded is tagged to their product catalog so customers can click-through directly to make a purchase.

What's next?

The MACH Alliance mission is to future-proof enterprise technology, propelling and shaping the future of great digital experiences. This is also what we aim to deliver at Wyng, and we are excited to add to the catalog of certified best-of-breed suppliers within the MACH Alliance. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Wyng helps global brands grow and understand their audiences to deliver more relevant experiences – contact us today.

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