Coupons and samples

Offer value to qualified customers and prospects with coupons and sampling campaigns

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The Wyng platform includes pre-built templates and simple drag & drop components to create beautiful coupon and sampling experiences in moments without coding. Easily ensure that only the right customers gain these benefits and protect from exploiters and bots. Every experience comes with simple, real-time reporting and analytics and built-in security features.


Unique alphanumeric coupon code offering a discount on purchases made at AAA tickets

Single-Use Coupon Codes

Upload lists of single-use coupon codes into the Wyng platform to distribute within Wyng experiences. With single-use coupon codes, every purchase made with a coupon code can be tied back to a specific person and specific campaign. Single-use coupon codes also prohibit code sharing and protect your marketing programs from getting out of hand.

Multi-Use Coupon Codes

For experiences without a form, multi-use coupon codes are often used to reward participants. With Wyng experiences, you can easily define outcomes and how often a particular code is surfaced - for example, limiting higher-value coupons (ex. SAVE20) while more freely distributing lower-value coupons (ex. FREESHIP).

Protect Your Programs from Exploitation

Discounts and samples are powerful tools for overcoming hesitancy to buy from new customers, but these programs can be expensive if run without limits. Wyng includes templates to get started right away and several innovative features to limit participation, verify information, protect from exploitation, and ensure only qualified people participate in your experience.

Unique alphanumeric coupon code offering a discount on purchases made at AAA tickets

Sampling Programs

Boost sales through highly-targeted sampling programs. Configure limits directly within the platform and then drive demand post-trial through surveys, coupons, and UGC testimonials. Built-in social sharing tools and referral incentives make spreading the word about your program simple and rewarding for your customers.

Conversational Opt-Ins

Conversational opt-ins allow brands a unique opportunity to engage your customers in a two-way dialogue. Ask one, relevant question about your customer's goals or preferences, and deliver a personalized product recommendation or coupon code in exchange for their email.

More Than A Pop-Up

Distributing promo codes or samples does not have to come in just the form of a pop-up on your website. With Wyng, choose from a huge variety of highly-interactive experiences that will keep site visitors coming back for more - spin-to-wins, scratch offs, trivia quizzes, and others!

Deploy experiences in multiple formats (overlays, pop-ups, sticky bars, in-line containers, galleries, etc.) across multiple touchpoints. Use a lightweight, one-line Javascript tag with configurable rules and triggers to add Wyng experiences to your website and mobile app. Or, host your experience on a standalone landing page with custom subdomain.

Why Wyng?

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Design and build at lightning speed

Marketers can build experiences in minutes without the help of IT. Select from dozens of customizable templates, already optimized for engagement and conversion.

Flexible service models to meet your needs

Jump into the platform and immediately start creating experiences self-serve. Or, augment and accelerate your team with Wyng services, including strategic, technical, and fulfillment.


Built to scale across brands and markets

Create an experience your consumers love, then easily translate and publish that experience across other markets and sites. Use shared asset libraries and custom design themes to scale experience productio


Secure and compliant

Built-in consent, privacy policy, and encryption features ensure compliance with enterprise data privacy and security standards. Wyng is proud to be GDPR and HIPAA compliant as well as SOC2 Type 2 certified.


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