Digital Campaign Index (DCI)

A Real-Time Campaign Scoring Tool

Gauge the effectiveness of both individual campaigns and your overall digital campaign strategy with the Wyng Digital Campaign Index (DCI).

This new, real-time measurement tool allows marketers to quickly and objectively measure campaign performance, and either celebrate success or adjust the campaign accordingly.


How It Works

The DCI uses the two biggest factors that contribute to campaign value and performance:

Why The Digital Campaign Index?

Mid-Funnel Insight


  • Turn aggregate performance metrics into actionable insights in the form of a score
  • Better understand campaign outcomes, eliminating the subjective area of campaign measurement
  • Compare different campaigns apples-to-apples

Mid-Funnel Insight

Active Measurement

  • Evaluate campaign performance as it runs through a dynamic dashboard
  • Adjust campaigns while they are live to optimize for desired results
  • See vertical and use case-level benchmarking data around scores in a quarterly DCI Report

Mid-Funnel Insight

In-Platform Visualizations

  • Visualize a DCI score through composite engagement (ES) and virality scores (VS) mapped against a baseline
  • Visualize all campaigns on a single grid to assess overall campaign strategy
  • Receive tailored recommendations in-Platform to improve campaigns as they run

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