Real-Time Scoring

Wyng Digital Campaign Index (DCI) is a real-time scoring model and benchmarking framework for digital experiences.

DCI helps marketers gauge the effectiveness of individual digital experiences, and evaluate their digital engagement strategy as a whole.

How It Works

The DCI is based on two independent performance indicators — engagement and virality -- which are derived from underlying performance metrics.


Why The Digital Campaign Index?


Mid-Funnel Insight

  • Turn detailed metrics into actionable insights
  • Leverage normalized data for apples-to-apples comparisons
  • Make data-driven decisions about optimizations and overall strategy

Real-Time Visualizations

  • Visualize scores relative to a common baseline on two dimensional charts
  • Plot and compare the scores across all of your digital experiences
  • Make in-flight adjustments based on in-platform recommendations

Benchmark Data

  • Get benchmark data as an independent reference point for gauging performance
  • Compare your results with benchmarks based on industry and use case
  • Identify experiences that warrant additional media or promotional spend

DCI Resources


Digital Campaign Index Benchmark Report – 2H 2018

The DCI Benchmark Report is a quarterly review of DCI benchmarks by industry and campaign format, along with related insights for the second half of 2018, including mobile usage and global demographics.


The Digital Campaign Index Whitepaper

The Digital Campaign Index, which can be implemented by any brand or agency, equips marketers with the data and insights they need to achieve success.

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