Wyng Live Product Demos

Led by the Wyng Strategy Team, these 45 min demos showcase the top features and capabilities of the Wyng platform and how you can use it to meet your business goals. Every session includes a live Q&A session.

Upcoming Product Demos

Sessions are hosted the second Wednesday of each month at 10am ET via Zoom. 

April 10: Capture Leads & Opt-Ins (Focus on AI)

KPIs Impacted: Cost Per Lead, Customer Acquisition Cost
Metrics Discussed: Form Submissions, Opt-In Rates


Preview the latest Wyng product developments, including Wyng Gen AI Quizzes, that allow you to create highly creative and personalized content to supercharge customer acquisition. Deep dive into Wyng Forms and the capabilities you can leverage to drive a higher volume of quality leads – including participation limits, validation rules, progressive fields, integrations, and more.

May 8: Collect Zero-Party Data

KPIs Impacted: Customer Lifetime Value, Return on Ad Spend, Customer Retention

Metrics Discussed: Profiles, Attribute Completion


Join a walk-through of Wyng experiences focused on collecting zero-party data (aka. preference data), along with key features allowing brands to frictionlessly and progressively collect ZPD across sessions, devices, and channels.

June 12: Engage Audiences (Focus on AI)

KPIs Impacted: Brand Affinity, Customer Acquisition Costs
Metrics Discussed; Visitor Sessions, Engaged Sessions, Content Uploads


Learn how to use our advanced gamification, Gen AI, and UGC capabilities to create digital experiences that stand out amongst your competition. 

July 10: Launch Shoppable Experiences

KPIs Impacted: Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value, Purchase Conversion Rates

Metrics Discussed: Click Throughs, Click Through Rates


Discover how brands with large, frequently-changing product catalogs can create product finder quizzes and shoppable UGC in much less time with a lot less manual effort.


What You Can Expect To See

Experience Studio

Metrics & Customer Insights

Latest Use Cases

Best-In-Class Examples

Meet Your Host

Greg has been building and refining digital experiences for Wyng and dozens of global brands for over 9 years. His expertise spans across many disciplines, including digital experience optimization, data strategy, customer journey orchestration, and shoppable experiences. He is an expert in all things Wyng and also really fun to talk to. Ask him about his famous homemade pasta recipe!

Greg Smart, Customer Experience Strategist

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