Next Best Question: New Experience to Drive Better Personalization

To win in a world where customers have instant access to infinite information and choices, brands need to offer relevant, personal experiences to every visitor. However, a long history of spam, data privacy breaches, and general mistrust have made people hesitant to share any information that would help drive personalized experiences. As with any challenge, there is also an opportunity. If a brand can deliver relevant insights and recommendations at the key moments in a customer’s journey, they will gain trust, win the right to ask for more information, and establish a relationship. One key way to do this is by delivering instant value in exchange for answering key questions.

Relevant moment


Next Best Question


Helpful Information



Next Best Question, a new microexperience powered by the Wyng platform, makes it easy to create these valuable moments and collect the most important customer data from your customers at the same time. Next Best Question experiences extend conversations and help gain a deeper understanding of the customer so that you can serve them better at that moment and in the future. The results are both immediate and long term. If leveraged to deliver a product recommendation based on a consumer’s response, Next Best Questions can drive purchases and generate sales in the moment. The long term benefits: brands can progressively build up customer profiles and thereby offer helpful information at any moment in the future when your customer needs you.


Beauty Industry Example

A skincare brand, as in the example below, should ask about the customer’s skin type, and then deliver a discount code for a product based on their response. A travel website may ask a customer for their preferred vacation activity and then recommend the perfect skiing, sailing, or camping location based on their feedback.


Next Best Question.          helpful information builds trust


Like Conversational Opt-ins, Guided Shopping Quizzes and other zero-party data collection micro experiences, Next Best Question enables your brand to build a deeper understanding of your customers, so that you can be more relevant and serve them better all within a framework that prioritizes customer privacy and builds trust. The data you gather allows you to deliver more personalized and impactful experiences at that moment of data collection, and adding it to a customer profile or data record allows you to scale and repeat this across all channels in the future.

How it works

For Next Best Questions to work for everyone, you need two key components; a relevant moment and helpful information.  A relevant moment is when a person is taking a key action, such as when a known email subscriber visits your homepage or after a customer makes their first purchase with your brand. Helpful information is something that you know about your products and what they do that the customer doesn’t – such as how they help with specific problems. You can also add in coupons to sweeten the deal.

The zero-party data collected using Next Best Question is automatically funneled into your brand’s zero-party data customer profiles within the Wyng platform, as well as your existing CDP and other martech platforms.

Next Best Question supports multiple in-page and over-page experience formats with configurable rules and triggers, including:

  • Sticky Bars and Buttons
  • Pop-Ups and Lightboxes
  • In-Line Sections and Modules


Building relationships based on trust

The success of your brand relies on the strength and longevity of your customer relationships. Built on the new Wyng platform, the Next Best Question experience is a privacy-first solution designed to deepen your customer relationships and build greater trust between you and your audience so that you can deliver personalized experiences to drive higher conversion rates and improved customer lifetime values.


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