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Wyng for Agencies

Your Competitive Advantage

Move faster, deliver more value to clients and grow your agency business with Wyng.

Our platform is designed to support your digital campaign strategy
– no matter what level of available resources.

Benefits for Agencies

Put your money where it matters

  • Reduce out-of-pocket costs and increase promotional budget with a straightforward pricing model.
  • Over-deliver for clients by taking advantage of 24/7 support resources and out-of-the box, custom and full service options.
  • Win more retainer work and new growth opportunities with pitch resources and on-demand campaign mockups.

Talk is cheap – back your value up

  • Understand the value and performance of digital campaigns with the Digital Campaign Index (DCI), a real-time score that evaluates success.
  • Build valuable audiences for your clients with always-on data capabilities (Facebook, Instagram, display) to support retargeting and optimize media investment.
  • Access real-time industry and campaign-level benchmarks to prove campaign success and sell value to clients.

Innovation without hidden fees

  • Bring your ideas to life and experiment with new campaign concepts in a free Sandbox environment.
  • Get inspired by other campaigns and our ever-evolving use cases that align with consumer behavior trends.
  • Leverage your in-house tech experts to extend skill sets through open APIs and integrations.

Let Wyng handle your dirty work

  • Save time and budget by using our full-service development team to build your next campaign at a pre-scoped fixed price.
  • Connect all the dots with your 3rd party data by sending and receiving campaign information using Wyng.
  • Pass off the process of approving, rejecting, tagging or mapping content that is being collected to focus on the work that matters most to you.

Your Entire Agency

Improve team workflow and spend more time on the creative work you love.

Bring your creative vision to life with campaigns that match your client’s needs.

Build custom campaigns quickly and easily that match the overall campaign vision.

Use Wyng to reduce out-of-pocket spend and increase margins.

Your Resources for Success

We’re here to support you with resources for your new business activities, information on new use-cases, and insights drawn from all our experience working with agencies and brands across industries.


Integrated Marketing Resource Guide

Learn to generate buzz, drive traffic, and sell ads in the Media & Entertainment industries.


The Wyng Guide to Use Cases

See a comprehensive view of Wyng campaign Use Cases.

Campaign of the Week: NatureSweet “Crush the Bowl” Social Game

Concept: Pit NatureSweet products against each other in a Bowl Builder game to build the ultimate fan faves recipe.

Campaign of the Week: Kretschmar “See It Live” Sweepstakes

Concept: Encourage brand engagement through a triple touchpoint sweepstakes leveraging sign-up forms, Spotify, and Photo Hashtag submissions.


Our Agency Specialist

Have questions about Wyng for Agencies?
Reach out to Emily Duke, our dedicated agency account specialist.

Emily has been at Wyng for 3 years and managed 200+ agency partnerships. She is passionate about how agencies can monetize their relationship with Wyng and the innovation and differentiation that revenue allows for. Emily runs WoW (Women of Wyng) and loves following advertising trends around female empowerment and body positivity. Her favorite brands include Ben and Jerry’s, VH1, Mattel and Otherwild.