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Wyng for Brands

Your Partner for Success

Increase speed and reduce costs by equipping your in-house teams and agency partners with the Wyng platform.

Our platform is designed to support your digital initiatives
— no matter what level of available resources.

Benefits for Brands

Make your non-working spend work for you

  • Equip your in-house teams and agency partners with the platform.
  • Cut non-working spend by minimizing production costs and avoiding custom, one-off development.
  • Create and launch on-brand experiences with out-of-the box, custom and full-service options.

Define success in the mid-funnel

  • Build valuable audiences with always-on data capabilities to support retargeting and optimize media investment.
  • Understand the value and performance of your digital experiences with the Digital Campaign Index (DCI).
  • Leverage benchmarks to evaluate results and see how you stack up to others in your industry.

Stay aligned with consumers

  • Establish your brand as an innovator with our ever-growing library of use cases that align with consumer behavior trends.
  • Take advantage of enterprise-grade features, including on-demand customer support, data security, global translation, ADA compliance, encryption at rest and more.
  • Integrate Wyng with your systems of record, facilitating data transfer, campaign management and valuable consumer insights.

Let Wyng handle your dirty work

  • Save time and budget by using our full-service development team to build your next digital experience at a pre-scoped, fixed price.
  • Connect all the dots with your CRM, CDP or DMP by integrating data from experiences powered by Wyng.
  • Offload the process of moderating, tagging and securing rights to UGC, so you can focus on the work that matters most to you.

Your In-House Teams and Agency Partners

Reduce non-working spend and increase media budget by using Wyng.

Create experiences that build and nurture audiences with purchase intent.

Build custom digital experiences quickly and easily.

Discover new social content for your marketing initiatives.

Digital Campaign Index


Wyng Digital Campaign Index (DCI) is a real-time scoring model and benchmarking framework for digital experiences.

DCI helps marketers gauge the effectiveness of individual digital experiences, and evaluate their digital engagement strategy as a whole.

Your Resources for Success

We’re here to support you with resources for all of your business objectives and KPIs with information on new use cases and insights drawn from our experience working with brands across industries.


Digital Campaign Index Benchmark Report

The DCI Benchmark Report is a quarterly review of DCI benchmarks, along with related insights.


The Digital Campaign Index Whitepaper

The Digital Campaign Index, which can be implemented by any brand or agency, equips marketers with the data and insights they need to achieve success.

Campaign of the Week: Circulon's #SeasonedCelebrations Sweepstakes

Concept: Host a digital sweepstakes to reward consumers and fans during the holidays with prizes and exclusive content.

What's New at Wyng: Support for Instagram Graph API

This year, Instagram has been steadily migrating to their new Graph API, while phasing out their old Platform API. The most recent step was on October 31, when Instagram announced a new Hashtag Search feature as part of the Graph API. The new Hashtag Search replaces the old Hashtag Search, which Instagram is deprecating on December 11.

We’re happy to announce that Wyng has migrated to the new Instagram Graph API -- we rolled out partial support earlier this year, and we are now launching several updates to complete the migration. Following is a summary of the changes:


Our Brand Specialist

Have questions about Wyng?
Reach out to Vikash Kothari, our dedicated brand account specialist.

Vikash was our first hire back in 2010. He is a strategic partner to our brand and enterprise clients and is passionate about digital marketing and connecting consumers to brands. Vikash is a trusted advisor to many of our top clients, and he is fascinated with brands that are embracing technologies and are continuously evolving with consumer behavior. Some of his favorite brands include Spotify, rag & bone, and adidas.