Wyng + Powerreviews

Leverage Wyng + PowerReviews to supercharge your customer engagement strategy

You're already using PowerReviews Social Essential/Pro for best-in-class UGC. Complement your UGC efforts with highly-engaging, value-driven Wyng experiences that drive opt-ins, increase sales, and capture valuable customer data.

Wyng Powers digital experiences for over 250+ global brands

How Wyng Complements PowerReviews

Quickly build engaging, beautiful digital experiences

With no code, marketers can build product finder quizzes, gamified promotions, offers, post-purchase surveys, and more in the Wyng Experience Studio. Start with one of our dozens of pre-built templates designed with e-commerce use cases in mind.

Beauty Experience Studio

Transparently earn valuable customer data

Use the experiences you build to simply ask consumers about their product affinities, likes/dislikes, lifestyle, and communication preferences (including email and SMS opt-ins). Reward consumers with built-in value-exchange features – like a customized coupon code or product recommendation.

With the data you collect, create segments to power personalization natively within Wyng or via your existing marketing channels.

Fast time-to-value and simple onboarding

As an existing PowerReviews client, you’re already familiar with using the Wyng interface for UGC. Use your existing log-in to access a single platform for UGC moderation (PowerReviews) and experience building (Wyng).


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See Wyng in Action

Check out these experiences powered by Wyng

Reitmans Product Finder Quiz

Challenge“I need to provide a better online shopping experience for my customers.”

SolutionCreate a product advisor quiz to help your customers discover, save, and purchase products based on their personal needs or preferences.

Darphin Spin-to-Win

Challenge“I need content to keep my customers engaged and create a positive experience with my brand.”

SolutionCreate a gamified promotion, like a spin-to-win, scratch-off, or match game. Reward participants with a unique coupon code, sample, or loyalty points.

LEVEL Post-Purchase Survey

Challenge: “I have a loyalty program, but I don’t know enough about my customers to put them in the right segment.”

Solution: Create a post-purchase survey to ask your customers about their shopping habits and preferences. Enrich your customer profiles with this data for better segmentation.

Knorr Lunar New Year Sweepstakes

Challenge“I need to grow our email opt-ins.”

SolutionDrive more visitors to your site with a sweepstakes, contest, or giveaway.


Increase In Average Order Value


Increase In Conversion Rate

Ready to drive more opt-ins, increase sales, and capture valuable customer data?

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