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How it works

Accurate, usable customer data is becoming harder to come by. The best way to understand your customers and deliver relevance (without creepy personalization!) is to ask customers directly for the data you want.

Innovative microexperiences

Microexperiences are digital touchpoints along the customer journey that are well-timed, relevant, and offer value to your customer. Build from dozens of Wyng templates or create your own custom experience to engage customers, collect data, and drive sales.


Quizzes are helpful and entertaining ways to earn multiple preferences.

Preference Centers

Increase trust and improve customers’ digital experience by putting customers in charge of data.

Forms and surveys

You can use traditional forms and surveys to gather lots of information at once.

Sweepstakes and promotions

Sweepstakes and promotional programs can drive engagement and opt-ins.

Gamification and instant wins

Gamified experiences entertain and drive purchases.

Social and UGC

Use peer content from social or contests to create more engaging digital experiences.

Find the right microexperience for you

Wyng makes zero-party data easy

Gain Customers

More engaging, relevant experiences drive conversion, earn data, grow loyalty, and increase purchases.


Increase Efficiency

Build world-class, branded experiences in minutes. Use accurate, obvious zero-party data instantly for personalization and insights.


Reduce Risk

Consent-driven zero-party data delivers better results without any privacy concerns.

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