Experience Highlight: Amtrak Vacations Trip Finder

For travel brands like Amtrak Vacations, trip finder quizzes are a great way to engage new site visitors, grow subscribers, learn about travelers’ preferences, and drive sales.

About Amtrak Vacations

Amtrak Vacations, part of Railbookers Group, offers train vacation packages connecting travelers to the most popular destinations across the United States and Canada. Travelers can depart from more than 500 Amtrak rail stations across North America, and have the option to book a pre-planned trip, create their own itinerary, or leverage the expertise and white glove planning service of a Rail Vacation Specialist.


With such an extensive catalog of trips to choose from, Amtrak Vacations knows offering personalized trip recommendations is key to engaging and retaining customers. The Amtrak Vacations team opted to create a trip finder quiz to help direct new and returning travelers to their perfect rail destination.

The Experience: Trip Finder

The Amtrak Vacations Trip Finder is a great tool that helps new site visitors and repeat travelers find the perfect rail destination based on their unique needs and preferences. As users answer questions about location preferences, budget, favorite activities, and duration of trip, Amtrak Vacations also gets to enrich traveler profiles – creating a robust set of zero-party data (aka. Preference data or owned data) that can be used to personalize their quiz recommendation and future recommendations, offers, and content.

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Mobile mock-ups of Amtrak Vacations Trip Finder quiz

Within the first 3 months of launch, the quiz has seen close to 30,000 visitors, has a 45% engagement rate (compared to 22% industry average), and 19% conversion rate (compared to 14% industry average).


Why the success? This experience, built 100% self-serve, does an excellent job of leveraging many of the out-of-box capabilities in the Wyng platform that encourage best practices for quiz building; a few of which are highlighted below:


  • Set the user’s expectations of quiz length. The Amtrak Vacations Trip Finder uses a progress tracker to help set the user’s expectation of how long the quiz will be. An engaged and informed user is more likely to complete the quiz. 
  • Embed the quiz on your brand site whenever possible. By embedding the quiz on their site, Amtrak Vacations can drive more users to the page. In addition, once a user finishes the quiz, they have the opportunity to continue engaging with the brand on their site.
  • Use images to help users visualize the answers. Adding visual elements to any quiz makes answering questions less of a chore and more of a game. In addition, the use of imagery can help inspire and educate the user so they can make a more educated purchase decision. 
  • Offer an explanation as to why a product is recommended. The key to encouraging purchases following a quiz is the results page – and Amtrak Vacation does a stunning job of educating users on why the trip destination they selected is right for them. Not only does the Trip Finder results page include context that would make the user feel more confident in their recommended destination, it also includes beautiful photos for inspiration, relevant educational content, and top rated trips. If this content does not resonate with the user, Amtrak Vacations has added an option at the top for users to retake the quiz – another best practice for quiz building.


Without going deep into coding or custom design, Amtrak Vacations was able to create a highly engaging, beautifully on-brand quiz experience that adds an extra element of personalization on their site.

Extending the value beyond a single session

Now that the quiz is launched, Amtrak Vacations is not only growing their opt-ins list and helping travelers find their perfect destination – the brand is also amassing consumer insights that can be used for future personalization efforts and to make more informed business decisions. With Wyng Experience Metrics, it is easy to deep dive into any of the questions to better understand travelers’ preferences. For example, if Amtrak Vacations knows the majority of their audience enjoys rail routes to scenic destinations, they can elevate that content on their website – adding it as a homepage banner or prominently displaying it in the navigation bar.


With Wyng Profiles and Segments, user inputs from the quiz can be synced with other systems to enrich customer profiles and deliver personalization across channels. For example, Amtrak Vacations could create a segment of all users who have never traveled on an Amtrak train before and are interested in budget-friendly options. These users can then be targeted through email and SMS with “Getting Started” content and special offers for first-time travelers.

Computer screen with metrics showing traveler preferences for Amtrak Vacations

Ready to build your own product finder?

Existing Wyng users should check out the Wyng Product Advisor Quiz Overview in our Help Center. Or, if you are new to Wyng – start your 30 day free trial today. Get started with a product advisor quiz, and then check out our templates for spin-to-wins, countdown calendars, UGC contests, and more!

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