Introducing Instant Win

As brands adapt to the rapidly changing market landscape, Wyng is continually adding features in the platform to help you engage your customers with the right digital experiences at the right moments.

Following our release last week of features for Referral programs, we’re now happy to announce new features for Instant Win activations.

Instant Wins are a great way to surprise and delight customers with a coupon, prize, chance to win, or some other reward. The gamified experience of unlocking a dynamic reward captures attention — and the promise of instant gratification boosts conversion rates.

With Wyng, you can target specific customer segments and drive marketing KPIs using the Instant Win format in a variety of ways — for example:

  • Convert first-time visitors to your website with a “mystery coupon” Instant Win
  • Identify unknown visitors by popping an Instant Win, triggered by exit intent, to capture email opt-in
  • Collect Zero-Party Data, like preferences, interests or shopping behaviors using a Visual Question- or form-gated Instant Win
  • Reactivate lapsed customers with an Instant Win targeted to that segment
  • Drive tune-in or in-store sales with a code-gated Instant Win program — e.g. by sharing a code on-air and validating the code as part of the Instant Win entry process, or by validating unique UPC codes (or special on-pack codes) as part of a proof-of-purchase Instant win activation
  • Engage audiences using an Instant Win sweeps to support a product launch, or tentpole event.

Instant Win related features in the platform include:

  • Support for any mix of rewards, and tiering of rewards, including coupons and promo codes with multiple discount tiers, gift cards of different values, and digital and physical prizes
  • Configurable time windows for winner selection
  • Automated winner selection, with winners chosen based on a secure, randomized algorithm, scalable to tens of millions of winners
  • Flexible options for Zero-Party Data collection including the ability to integrate Instant Win experiences with custom forms and Visual Questions
  • Fully-customizable experiences for winners, and non-winners, including support for custom coded visualizations — such as a spin-to-wins and other gamified animations.

Wyng also provides comprehensive professional services to help bring Instant Win activations to life — from strategy and setup, to data integration and prize fulfillment.



To learn more about our Instant Win features, contact the Wyng team!

For information on setting up your own Instant Win, see our help center article!


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