Create Progressive Personalization with Wyng Summer Launch Features

Here at Wyng, we’re obsessed with personalization that is more relevant, rewarding, and trustworthy. It’s something we’re pioneering and innovating on every day. We call it progressive personalization. But what exactly is progressive personalization? It’s a simple idea with the potential to change how the internet works. Seriously.

Progressive personalization is about crafting experiences that are tailored to each individual, instantly. It starts with asking a simple question about what someone wants, and then giving them a helpful response immediately. Then, you keep doing that over and over until you have a trusted, mutually beneficial relationship. Eventually, the brand has earned a loyal customer. In exchange customers receive a partnership with a brand where they control the timing, type, and content of all communications. To do this, brands need to focus on collecting and managing  zero-party data that includes customer preferences, needs, values, and other context.  In a privacy-first world where personalization is still a requirement, brands not only need to obtain quality customer data– they need to demonstrate they deserve to keep it.

With progressive personalization, marketers can deliver more relevant messages than ever before so they can create deeper connections with consumers who want more from their interactions with brands online.

New Tools to Build Progressive Personalization

To build this new kind of engagement, brands need new tools.  Wyng is a leader in this space with a no-code microexperience studio, an API-first zero-party data platform that can instantly manage and route customer data securely, and expertise from helping over 200 of the world’s top brand’s build experiences that powered over 100 million interactions last year alone. This Summer Launch from Wyng includes several new capabilities to make zero-party data collection simpler while also making personalization that is more flexible and powerful.

Next Best Questions

Learn what your customers want progressively, one click at a time. Increase conversion and instantly deliver relevant content by asking simple questions that visitors can answer in one click. Wyng also has unique capabilities to combine data across sessions so that brands can build extremely personalized journeys that customers enjoy and can trust with just a few clicks.

Next Best Question - Update

Contextual Preferences

Transform context into customer preferences with a click. These simple and powerful new experiences can build customer profiles full of zero-party data. Wyng provides simple SDKs to add interactive data collection anywhere; including category pages, search results, emails, and more.


Preference Centers

A central location where customers manage and update shared data.  Preference centers build trust through the privacy-first principles of transparency, choice, and control. Customers have one place to go to control their interactions with a brand, and brands can be more confident in the data.


Flexible SDK and APIs

Wyng is an API-first platform focused on giving developers and small teams flexibility to customize experiences and integrations for any situation. New developer tools include SDK methods for conditional fields and components, sample data models, progessive forms, user authentication, and more. Brands can now tailor experiences to change based on what you know about the customer – enabling small, single-click experiences to adapt to individuals easily.

See Progressive Personalization in Action

Progressive personalization is a way to create more value and engagement without being invasive. It can be used by any business or organization, regardless of industry or size. You can see the latest capabilities and how they helped LEVO Oil double engagement and increase conversion by 29% by checking out our case study featuring a testimonial from Chrissy Bellman, CEO of LEVO.

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