Experience Highlight: KILZ Watch And Win Sweepstakes

The KILZ Watch and Win Sweepstakes is a unique, highly-engaging experience that aims to increase exposure and viewer engagement for KILZ’s Youtube DIY series, Destination Restoration

After watching the video, your knowledge is tested with a few questions about details mentioned in the video.

Each time you answer a question, the correct answer is revealed to you before your next try.

Once you’ve finished the quiz, you’re prompted to share your full name and email to see your results and officially enter the sweepstakes. You’re also given the option to subscribe to their newsletter and opt in to receive offers directly from KILZ. This is an excellent first step in collecting zero-party data at scale, and KILZ can now use different experiences in the future to learn about their audience.

As promised, your results are revealed once you submit the form (I did really well as you can see I was granted 6 entries). KILZ also adds in a secondary CTA available throughout the experience that directs you to their Youtube channel where you can continue to watch the rest of the series. 

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