National QSR Increases Brand Affinity with Wyng Experiences

The Challenge: Developing Buzz-Worthy Digital Engagement

Known for their super friendly staff and unique drink creations, this national coffee chain has no shortage of brand identity— or great ideas to engage with and bring joy to its customers. The challenge for this national quick service restaurant (QSR) is creating digital content and interactions that make customers smile just as much as in-store experiences.


The team needed a platform to quickly create and launch a variety of engaging digital experiences for their customers and a technical partner who could help bring those experiences to life. 

The Solution: Perfectly Brewed Experiential Customer Activations

Today, the coffee chain uses the Wyng Microexperience Studio to power a variety of digital experiences on their website, emails, and landing pages — from engaging polls, to buzz-worthy UGC campaigns, to creative product recommendation quizzes (with a signature twist, of course). 


The QSR’s top-performing Wyng experience is a Halloween-themed choose-your-own-adventure quiz that takes customers through a series of spooky in-store scenarios, leading them to explore a seasonal menu of fall drink options. The QSR’s digital team finds their customers are much more likely to interact with an experience that is experiential vs. product focused, and this quiz is designed expertly with that vision in mind. Interacting with this experience (full of custom graphics, on-brand puns, and lots of personality) makes participants feel like they’re part of the brand’s community – not like they’re just taking a standard product advisor quiz!

A Latte Possibility with Wyng

Thanks to Wyng-powered experiences, the coffee chain’s loyal fanbase can replicate the same joy and fun of an in-store visit by interacting with the brand online. Here’s why the national QSR chose to partner with Wyng.


An easy-to-use platform for marketers: Wyng makes it easy for the QSR’s digital team to quickly create experiential content and start earning valuable customer data. With flexible templates and full customization capabilities, you can build on-brand experiences within minutes — no coding required.


Expert support: Whatever the digital team dreams up, Wyng offers quick response time, support, and regular training to help them build it.


A wide variety of customizable digital experiences: Many businesses must rely on multiple tools to create the type of experiences they envision. The Wyng Microexperience Studio offers dozens of templates to make many kinds of digital experiences — from UGC to quizzes to gamified promotions and more.

Interested in learning more about Wyng? Get started today with a free trial of Wyng, or contact us to schedule a demo.

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