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Launching Shoppable Experiences

Discover how brands with large, frequently-changing product catalogs can create product finder quizzes and shoppable UGC galleries in much less time with a lot less manual effort.

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Engaging Audiences

Learn about Wyng’s latest AI product for marketers: Gen AI Experiences. We’ll demonstrate how your brand can use Gen AI Experiences to unlock fresh, creative campaign concepts only made possible with AI. In addition, learn how to use our advanced gamification and UGC capabilities to create digital experiences that stand out amongst your competition.

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Collecting Zero-Party Data

Preview a walk-through of Wyng experiences focused on collecting zero-party data (aka. preference data), along with key features allowing brands to frictionlessly and progressively collect ZPD across sessions, devices, and channels.

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Capturing Leads & Opt-Ins

Preview the latest Wyng product developments, including Wyng Gen AI Quizzes, that allow you to create highly creative and personalized content to supercharge customer acquisition.

Wyng Wrapped: 2023 Year in Review and Townhall with Wyng Executive Team

Watch our 2023 end-of-year webinar for a look into the year's most engaging Wyng customer campaigns, impactful product developments around gamification and zero-party data collection, and 2024's most anticipated product releases.

The Future of Data-Driven Marketing in CPG

Learn strategies CPG brands can use to drive more opt-ins and understand their audience – without the need of purchased market research or hefty technology investments.

The Zero-Party Data Playbook for CPG Marketers

8 plays for CPG marketers to implement today to engage audiences, capture opt-ins, collect preference data, and drive sales.

Moments Tour

Use Wyng Moments to trigger well-timed, relevant digital experiences across your mobile and web applications.

Profiles Tour

Use Wyng Profiles to define your zero-party data model and create audience segments for personalization.

Wyng Privacy-First Personalization Tour

8 minute overview of how to earn customer preferences and personalize in real-time with the Wyng platform.

Zero Interest in Zero Party?

Deliver relevance, without creepy personalization. Learn how to transform customer experiences with zero-party data. Featured speaker: Forrester.

Making Marketing More Personal with Better Moments

Learn how well-timed, contextually-relevant moments can increase customer engagement and brand loyalty. Featured speakers: Forrester, AAA.

Understanding Your Customer Through Zero-Party Data

Learn why zero-party data is the future of personalization in a privacy-first, customer-centric landscape. Featured customer: Collette Travel.

First-Party Data Formula

Why brands are converting their unknown audiences into known contacts — and their formula for success

52 Weeks of Microexperiences – Best of Wyng 2018

52 of the best microexperiences created using the Wyng platform - to inspire your 2019 digital and marketing goals

Wyng Spring and Summer Campaign Look Book

Get inspired by real campaign examples, ideas, and best practices to make your spring and summer marketing shine!

The Wyng Guide to Holiday Campaigns

Get inspired by real campaign examples, ideas and best practices to make your marketing stand out for the all the right reasons this holiday season.

The Digital Campaign Index Whitepaper

The Digital Campaign Index, which can be implemented by any brand or agency, equips marketers with the data and insights they need to achieve success.

Integrated Marketing Resource Guide

Learn to generate buzz, drive traffic, and sell ads in the Media & Entertainment industries.

Rights Management: How to Acquire Rights with the Wyng Auto-Responder

Capture consumer data and acquire the rights to repurpose UGC shared with your brand via our Rights Management solution.

Beauty & Cosmetics Playbook

Get tips on how to provide a fun, customized, and eccentric digital marketing experience.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Integrated Marketing Campaigns that Feel like Entertainment

Learn to harness enthusiasm through your digital campaigns.

Modern Marketing Demands Agile Campaigns

Define modern marketing challenges and do more with less.

The Panthers Won the 2016 Season with this Campaign

The Panthers call the campaign one of the team’s most successful of the 2016 season, and we’ve identified five techniques that any pro sports team could benefit from...

Am I Popular Enough? Lessons from Five Guys’ Fanatic of the Week Campaign

Five Guys, a burger chain with over 1,400 locations spread over eight countries, has a marketing advantage that any brand would kill for...

Shopper Marketing Resource Guide

To showcase the full range of shopper marketing approaches, we’ve catalogued our favorite campaigns and digital strategy tips in this Shopper Marketing Resource Guide.

Digital Campaigns to Drive In-Store Traffic: A Guide for Shopper Marketers

Learn how online campaigns can drive in-store traffic (and vice versa).

Definitive Guide to Rights Management for UGC

If a brand collects a piece of UGC, it doesn’t imply ownership. This is where rights management comes in.

Top Retail Marketing Campaigns

Throughout this eBook, we’ll deep dive into the specifics of retail campaigns that have accomplished set goals, in addition to explaining exactly how they did it.

McCormick Case Study

"The tactics we put in place for this new campaign tweaked three of the eight Ps of our marketing strategy: Product, People and Promotion."

L’Oreal Case Study

"Gallery of Style, was the perfect way for us to leverage Wyng because it allowed us to highlight our artists in a broader way than what we can normally achieve in just the salon setting."

Bon-Ton Case Study

"Simply adding to the noise and attempting to shout louder than competitors is not a viable strategy, which is why we decided to do things a bit differently this year."

Top CPG Marketing Campaigns

Throughout this eBook, we’ll dive into the specifics of campaigns in the CPG vertical that have accomplished set goals and explain how they did it.

Top Digital Marketing Campaigns

Throughout this eBook, we’ll deep dive into the specifics of digital campaigns that have accomplished set goals, in addition to explaining exactly how they did it.

Top Media and Entertainment Marketing Campaigns

Throughout this eBook, we’ll dive into the specifics of media and entertainment campaigns that have accomplished set goals, in addition to explaining exactly how they did it.

SoulCycle Case Study

"We used the Wyng engagement marketing platform to run our #NoMoExcuses initiative in collaboration with this cause."