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Zero-Party Data Solutions: Enhance Customer Profiling

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More Articles

New Component: Reveal-ed!

The Wyng Reveal component helps marketers to add an element of chance and interactivity to their experiences. Use it to create a Spin-to-Win or

How to Earn Zero-Party Data

Zero-party data (ZPD) is the fundamental currency in a privacy-first world, and it is as valuable to people as it is to a brand.

New Microexperience: Trivia Quiz

The Wyng drag-and-drop template library now includes a new marketer (and customer!) favorite – the Trivia Quiz.
Trivia quizzes invite consumers to take quizzes

Wyng Productized Braze Integration

Today we are happy to announce another major milestone in our vision to help make digital experiences more rewarding, relevant, and trustworthy – we

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